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It can be implied that the main meds sold by are Nootropics, or “cognitive enhancers”. The site information says that is based in Mexico and the company owns a chain of pharmacies in the area. did not mention the brand of its pharmacy, but it claims that it is a registered and licensed pharmacy operating in Mexico.

Aside from nootropics, also sells a number of other meds related to men’s health, women’s health, personal care, steroids, and other brain-medication. There was no discussion on the medications being approved by the FDA; only mentioned that its products are 100% pharmaceutical grade. Also, the site does not ask for prescriptions from its clients, even for the controlled substances (steroids) it sells. I find it hard to trust this site, though because sites which have FDA approvals are always proud to tell its clients that they are FDA-approved. So the fact that did not say anything about it meant that the FDA approval of the site’s meds is still in question.

Although the main focus of was the brain enhancers, it also had meds for men’s health. There are only 2 ED meds available, though; Generic Viagra (Bullenza 100 mg) and Cialis by Eli Lilly. Cialis costs $99.99 for 4 pills, and Bullenza (Sildenafil) costs $36 for 4 pills. There weren’t many ED drugs available, as most of the men’s health meds are for hair loss and other health concerns. takes payments from a number of payment methods such as Western Union, Cash Deposit, Bitcoin, and Credit/Debit cards. As for the shipping, charges a flat rate of $34 for Express mail delivery (with tracking). The shipping time is an average of 7 days for most locations.

100% money back guarantee is offered by for clients who were unable to receive their orders and those who were able to get damaged, incomplete, and wrong orders. Clients are also given the option to have their orders reshipped at no additional cost.

For other questions, clients may inquire at [email protected] Other than that email address, the site did not give out any other business information. Reviews

As was typical of most online sites, did not have client reviews posted on its site and also did not have reviews from reputable online review sites. I was already questioning the site’s integrity the moment I saw its steroid products, and all the more now that I haven’t found anything related to it being able to offer good service for its clients.

Nootropicsmexico Reviews 2016

Nootropicsmexico Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Nootropicsmexico Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

As my custom when unable to find anything for a certain site on the web, I tried looking up on I found out that the site was rated “unsafe” and given only a 48% safety rating due to its Rogue pharmacy status. A site rated rogue meant that it was unable to comply with the standards set for proper website/online pharmacy operations. was also detected to only have 2 years in its history and not 5 as it claimed. Also, the real identity and the location of the owner are being concealed by an anonymous service, so there’s no way to know or verify whether this site’s really located in Mexico or not.

Since this is the verdict by Scam Adviser, I don’t think that I am able to trust the site enough to order from it.

Nootropics Mexico Coupon Codes

No coupon codes, vouchers, or discount offers were present on the site. Frankly, the site was kind of bare and based on its looks, it does not intend to give its clients any discount when it comes to its products. It’s such a shame that did not have any client promotion, as it could have helped it gain more sales.

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