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I have been looking for a trustworthy and economical drug store for quite some time. Northwest-RX is one of them that I will review today.

Northwest-RX claims to be an online leading drug pharmacy which sells only generic brands of drugs at affordable prices. It is quite a new retailer, which has been active online from February 2016. It seems that it is a company based in Pakistan. However, it has affiliate facilities and pharmacies in India, Canada, and Europe among other countries. I tried to check whether it conforms to International security measures or not. It looks like that Northwest-RX has taken steps to ensure that any kind of dealings on their website is completely secure, and the patient’s identity is kept confidential. They also have a vast range of both over-the-counter and prescription drugs ranging from a number of disorders namely erectile dysfunction, diabetes and hypertension to cancer, infections, skin, and anti-depressants. They seem to cover almost all diseases! That is quite impressive. Adding to that, all the medications, drugs and topical agents listed appear to come from trusted and known manufacturers. They all are familiar brand names and are all Indian FDA approved generic brands.

Furthermore, their best sellers are mostly erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs, diuretics, antibiotics and Clomid. Secondly, on browsing through their products, I have realized that their products are very affordable indeed. 10 pills of Viagra are for $122, and if we consider the generic brands of Sildenafil, the prices are way lower. 10 tablets of Kamagra, a generic brand of sildenafil are available for $ 63. Very nice indeed.

I tried to look for hidden costs on shipping and learned that they have two options for delivery, one is Air Mail which is cheap compared to the other option, Express Mail Service. Furthermore, the shipping is free if I order above $80, via Air Mail. They also insure the package for a further minimal fee of $ 5. The downside was that if the order is below $80, then shipping costs are quite high, up to $30. But, they ship to almost all countries. They also accept all major cards like Visa and Maestro for payments. The estimated amount of time needed for the arrival of products once the order is complete around 8 to 18 days.

Lastly, I tried checking how strong their customer care service is. Northwest-RX has a live chat option, but when I tried to ask a question, I was told to submit the question, and I would get a reply by email soon. I tried and have not got a reply yet. They also have a toll free number. Northwest-RX has a full return policy within 14 days of receipt of the product in case we are not satisfied with something. Reviews:

Now that I had a fair idea about Northwest-RX, I wanted to know what are the customer’s opinions about the website and whether they are satisfied. The site itself claims to view their patients as human rather than just a number. I wanted to be thoroughly convinced about this pharmacy before placing an order and risking my money. Since it is a new retailer, all reviews are quite recent, and all of them are definitely positive.

One customer, Cynthia from Salem, US says that she “really wanted to save money” on her monthly prescriptions and that her first experience with Northwest-RX was positive. She also says that “ prices are amazing,online shopping is simple. And delivery is always complete.”

I also read a review from Brooks from Athens, US who says that “through this online pharmacy I am able to take all my prescriptions as directed by my doctor for over 70% less.”

I also came across other definitely positive reviews. However, when I tried to search on other websites concerning the reputation of Northwest-RX, I did not come across anything. This makes suspicious since all positive reviews were from their own site and could well have been manipulated. However, if I could not find positive reviews, I did not find any negative one either. This makes me more hopeful that Northwest-RX would live up to its expectation. Despite that, I went on and checked the website on Scam advisor and Holy Gods; it got a poor rating and low trust. This worsened by skepticism and I searched for very recent customer reviews which I found. customer experience customer experience

Northwest-rx Reviews 2016:

As already mentioned, scam advisor gave it a low rating and trust. However, John B from the USA, bought from Northwest-RX and says “ you were the best tip I got last year in regards to health care services. I cant thank you enough’ this was because he could not afford his medication on his insurance alone. Also, Mike from the US says he “saved about 80% over local pharmacies…..very satisfied and I highly recommend this product.”

Despite the low rating from Scam advisor, it seems customers are very happy with Northwest-RX. Be aware that, all the reviews noted here are from the seller’s website and might get manipulated to increase the sales. Trust Rating Trust Rating customer experience in 2016 customer experience in 2016

Northwest RX Coupon Codes:

I love getting good bargains so I looked for coupon codes for Northwest-RX. It seems that sadly, they do not have coupons here. However, they do have 15% discount for the first re order. I think if I frequently order from them, this will benefit me. Also, due to fierce competitors, at some point, we would have discount and gift vouchers quite often.

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