Review: An Online Dispensary with a Delayed Delivery Home Page Home Page is your unconventional option when it comes to buying inexpensive medicines. It is a Canadian pharmacy and they offer over the counter medicines and Rx medicines. An affiliate of Canadian International Pharmacy Association and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC), this is online pharmacy makes sure that they only dispense effective and safe medicines. All drugs sold by Northwest Pharmacy are FDA approved. According to their website, the drugs they are selling are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies from the US, Turkey, Canada, Singapore, Mauritius and Europe. For new customers, you need to create an account with Northwestpharmacy for you to process an order.

This internet drugstore wants to ensure proper use of medicines. If you are ordering an Rx drug, they will require you to send a valid prescription before sending the package over. They have a large pool of medicines under different categories such as pet care products, prescription, and non-prescription medicines. Their bestsellers include erectile dysfunction medicine, a drug that falls under the prescriptive medicine category. If you are looking for options or alternative when it comes to your ED medicine, here are some of the choices that you will find from this internet drugstore.

For branded ED medicines, a pack of 4 Viagra 25mg costs $33.49 while it costs $31.89 for a pack of 4 Cialis. For branded Levitra, the price is $31.89 for a pack of 4 at 10 mg. if you want cheaper medicines, check for the generic counterparts of these medicines. You can find generic ED drugs on the same page.

After choosing your medicine of choice, you can now process your order by paying it with a credit card. The total charge will include a flat rate of $9.99 for the delivery charge. You can pay with a credit card or an electronic check. If you want to pay in cash, you can also process a Money Order request. Once your credit card transaction is approved by your card, you can now wait for 8 to 18 days for your order to arrive.

For issues regarding your order, you can contact their team at [email protected] via email. You can also contact them thru 1-866-539-5330 and local 1-604-539-5330.

The best time to contact the support team is when you have issues with the package you receive such as damaged or missing orders. You can also contact them if you have questions regarding your order or if you are just checking some medicines they offer. One enticing offer from Northwestpharmacy is their refund policy. Their refund policy means that if you have an issue with the order or you are not happy with it, you can report and request a refund immediately. Your only obligation is to ensure that the returned product remains unopened for the refund to be processed. The order should be returned within 14 days or two weeks. This e-store will only return 50% of the total value of the product you ordered. Reviews

As a Canadian International Pharmacy Association and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) licensed e-store, we believe that the medicines dispensed by this store are really good as well as their service. Here are what their customers are saying. Reviews Reviews

Janice S shared why she gave a 5-star rating – because of their great prices! Testimonials Testimonials

Bill Smith gave Northwest Pharmacy a 5-star rating because of his positive experience in ordering from this store. He said that their policies make sense hence he doesn’t question them anymore. He added that this online pharmacy remains his lifeline. Feedback Feedback

The last review we found was shared by Harry who said that the pricing of this medicine is the best and that it is very trustworthy. His advice to new customers is to ask your doctor to write you a bigger number for your prescription medicine because it takes up to 18 days for orders to be delivered to Northwestpharmacy’s delivery team.

Overall, these third-party reviews for are very appealing and as a drug user that needs medication, reading these reviews means it is indeed dependable. Reviews 2018

This big pharma house continuous to provide a quality product to their customers and this 2018, here are some of the customer experiences we found. Reviews 2018 Reviews 2018

We found two 5-star reviews from Natalie and Leon. Natalie said she searched for an internet drugstore to trust then she found Northwestpharmacy. After her experience in buying from them, she is recommending this e-store now to anyone.

The second review we found was shared by Leon. Leon has been using for his orders and so far, everything is good. He added that all of his orders are timely delivered. It only shows that for years in the service, Northwestpharmacy remains to be one of the most reliable online pharmacy on the internet today. Coupon Codes

In an effort to keep everyone interested in the products they offer, here are some of the coupons codes and promotions that Northwestpharmacy offers to their customers. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer gives out free pills on eligible orders (as shown in the first picture above). Coupon Codes Coupon Codes

They also offer promotional discounts like 10%, 5%, and 2% if you will recommend them to your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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