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The Main Page of
The Main Page of appears to be reliable, by the look of things the store looks stocked. At a glance, it has a colorful interface layout full of information. The website has been online for about 11 years. The online shopping is an East European website hosted in Ukraine and has been selling since 2004.

It deals with medication that help treat Men’s Health, Weight Loss & Asthma, Anxiety Skin Care, Alcohol Addiction, Arthritis, Cardiovascular, Quit Smoking, Cholesterol, Gastro Health & Acidity, Diabetes, Headache and Influenza, among others. I looked at the prices of product such as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra and I was able to find the average cost: 4 tabs (100mg/tab) of Viagra at $24.4; 4 tabs (20mg/tab) of Cialis at $94.2 and 4 tabs (20mg/tab) of Levitra at $98.6. Most of the product I came across seems to be manufactured in Europe and Asia, so there is a possibility that the products have not been approved by the FDA.

I searched the store in terms of payment methods and found that they accept Online Credit Card payment, MoneyGram and Bank to Bank transfer. Unfortunately, I have to log into the website to complete any transaction. In the same search I came across their shipping details. Nothing is discussed about their charges, but they assured me that a single fixed fee for the service (flat rate) – this depends on the destination. In addition, they ship to P.O. Box address but not APO address. The online store is prohibited from accepting returned medication and this forms its return policy. Their normal shipping time 7 – 21 business days and 30 days for very remote countries.

The only way to contact them is through the use of tickets, because of customer privacy issues. I still do not feel that it was a good decision especially when the customer requires immediate assistance. The Ticket Support System is valid if you have an account. I wonder what will happen if I have an urgent question? Reviews:

I always depend on customer feedback and reviews to draw conclusions whether the products that I ought to buy are safe or reliable. Customers are allowed to give feedback on the website but the reviews have been edited due to privacy issues. I did more research in the internet and found a couple of reviews that could be of great help in understanding the value of Norxshop.

One customer shares his regrets after considering that the online store scammed him, and was advocating for the closing of the Norxshop. The customer, ppdt, said, “It’s too late for me now I have been scammed by norxshop already and lost almost $700. I wish I has seen this earlier. We need to get people together who have also been scammed to complain to their server company and close these people down.” This review was made on 12th of May, 2011. testimonial testimonial

Stevenhall755, who also chipped in on the same topic, said, “ East European website is pretending to be an anabolic steroids pharma site, when it just in fact a store front for East European organized crime online steroids scammers, namely,,,” His post was meant to expose the owners and their evil intentions.

Justiceserve posted his review on Feb 23, 2012 and it was not different from the others. His exact words were, “ is fraudulent.Do not order from they will scam you.” He also listed other sites which had the same reputation as that of Norxshop.

Funny enough the online store testimonial section has only positive reviews while other independent review sites have shared negative feedback on their services. I advise against this store after the bad image it portrays. customers feedback customers feedback feedback feedback

Norxshop Complaints 2016:

Reviewing the online store, 2016 results had the idea that Norxshop is being treated as a threat. The safety level of the website is below average. The website is exposed with malware and the identity of the owners still remains hidden. The use of anonymous servers makes it a rough online pharmacy. It is being hosted in a high risk country, Ukraine, and this clearly confirms its recent reputation brought to light by the customers. Therefore, consumers should exercise caution before they receive malicious software or get scammed for using the website. The negative vibe about their services scares me and has given me second thoughts about the online store.

The absence of customer service supports such as live chats and toll number created suspicion at first, now it is clear why they removed certain communication elements that are usually helpful to the customer. I do not want to risk my money on this website knowing that most of the reviews have exposed Norxshop.

Is a fake site
Is a fake site

Norx shop Coupon Codes:

The joy of almost every first time customer is to save money on any online transaction. In this case, most of the online pharmacies attract more customers through coupons and discounts. This site offers free shipping worldwide to all new buyers. Newbies require coupon codes to have their items shipped for free. Other discounts or offers include:

  • seasonal coupon codes
  • additional 5% off for orders above 650 euro
  • They cover your WU or MG services or 5 % off on WU or MG orders

Unfortunately, I am not able to access the discounts or coupons without creating an account with them. These offers are tempting but am not convinced after reading all the negative reviews. There are too many offers that creates suspicion, hence I have to fully determine the credibility of Norxshop. coupones coupones
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