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There used to be a pharmacy based in Asia which was offering several types of FDA-approved medicines, directly shipped from offshore warehouses. This pharmacy, also known as, was the largest online pharmacy in Asia, allegedly. Offshore Pharma, like many other e-drugstores, suddenly closed without any kind of explanation.

Not a lot of details are left from Offshore Pharma. The domain is for sale and the only information left can be accessed only via Way Back machine. Offshore Pharma claimed to have the cheapest prices on the Internet, allowing clients to enjoy its products without needing a prescription. On this shop, people were able to find products to be used to treat many medical conditions. The pharmacy categorized the meds into anti-inflammatory agents, cholesterol reducers, vitamins, sexual dysfunction, dermatological, contraceptives, hormones, vaccines, health and fitness, and many others. It’s almost safe to say that Offshore Pharma dispensed almost all the main kind of meds.

According to what I was able to ascertain, many men resorted to to get generic meds for erectile dysfunction. Offshore Pharma provided Kamagra as a generic version of Sildenafil citrate exclusively. The pricing was quite ok, but not the lowest I’ve ever seen – $1.5 for each 100 mg Kamagra pill. However, the main assortment of the store wasn’t ED meds. Offshore Pharma didn’t offer any other alternative to Kamagra. Moreover, the payment options were also limited to Visa cards only.

Clients were able to find this online pharmacy on several social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Customer service was available through e-mail or the free toll number. Offshore-pharma shipped for every country in the world without exceptions and always provided a tracking number. Full refunds could be requested but were only given to those who sent back the products in perfect conditions. Reviews

Reviews and feedbacks from previous clients are very rare and almost impossible to find. Since feedbacks are always the best tool to evaluate a certain store, the lack of it can easily drive customers away. I cannot tell you anything regarding this store’s legitimacy and product quality without having a proper number of reviews. was actually evaluated several times by many bloggers. Sadly, they weren’t fond of this pharmacy either. Offshore-Pharma was labeled many times as incompetent, dangerous, and unreliable, thus users were advised to not buy from this e-shop.

For a store that was operating for so long and claimed to the largest pharmacy, not having reviews is highly suspicious and more than enough reason to not let my guard down with this pharmacy. Reviews 2016

Without any feedbacks, the second way to check a pharmacy’s legitimacy is by using security statistics provided by different analyzers. Here’s what these websites told me: Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

First of all, domain wasn’t based in Asia but in Switzerland. However, Scam Adviser believes Offshore Pharma’s owner was most likely from Pakistan (which is still considered to be a high-risk country).

Scam Adviser didn’t recommend using Offshore Pharma to get generic medicines as the store was once threat listed. Perhaps Offshore Pharma was involved in some sort of illegal activities, thus being put on that list.

Caption Safety Information Alternative Text Safety Information

Another domain stats analyzer, Scamner, also advised consumers to go buy their meds somewhere else. According to Scamner, only gets a 6% trust score. The store is considered to be unreliable and, most likely, a scam.

I believe we are all starting to understand the motives that lead to Offshore Pharma’s closing. Coupon Codes

As far as I know, didn’t offer any extra discounts or coupon codes. At least I haven’t seen anything from the remaining of the website.

When Offshore pharma first started its business, however, it was providing some extra sets of discounts to attract clients. I found this after digging quite a lot on Way Back machine. The store offered 4 free erectile dysfunction pills in each order, as well as a 10% off in each order for returning customers.

I don’t know why the store stopped having these discounts. Providing an extra discount to returning customers is a great way to ensure a customer’s loyalty. Moreover, free goodies are always welcomed as well. I just wished they were from the same sets of pills as the customer ordered as some people might not need Erectile dysfunction meds.

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