Ok-pharmacy.com Review – An Untrustworthy Ex-Pharmacy That Is Currently An Information Platform

Ok-pharmacy.com Main Page
Ok-pharmacy.com Main Page

Ok-pharmacy.com is currently an informative website that provides detailed insights into a variety of medications. Ok-Pharmacy aims to educate its readers in questions regarding general health, generic medications vs branded medications, buying drugs online, among other topics. There isn’t any kind of information displayed on Ok-Pharmacy about its whereabouts, or how to contact the team.

If you go to Ok-Pharmacy.com, one of the very first things you will see is a list of products that fall into the category of men’s health, particularly meds to treat erectile dysfunction. Ok-Pharmacy offers insights about Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil for men, or information about antibiotics such as Amoxil and Zithromax for everyone. The company explains how these meds work and give instructions for taking them, but doesn’t give any tips or links to any other online store which may sell these products. Ok-Pharmacy is merely a health guide.

However, Ok-Pharmacy used to be an online pharmacy a while back. The same drugs that it now provides information about, where the products sold by the store. These generic medications to treat erectile dysfunction, antibiotics, pain relief, cholesterol reducers, among others, were manufactured at Indian based licensed pharmaceuticals and were approved by the Indian-FDA. The products were also shipped from India.

Back in the days, Ok-pharmacy.com was dispensing Sildenafil Citrate at only $0.69 per pill and Tadalafil at a cost of $0.88 per tablet. The prices were quite low when compared to the average online price. Payments could be made via Visa credit/debit cards exclusively.

The meds were shipped either through regular airmail or EMS for faster deliveries. Ok-Pharmacy also provided a 100% money back guarantee to its customers. When consumers needed to contact the pharmacy, they could do so via phone, email or live chat.

I don’t know why Ok-Pharmacy.com stopped being a pharmacy and ended up being an informative website. The information provided by them seems reliable, but nothing that a small search on WebMD can’t fix either.

Ok-pharmacy.com Reviews

The existing feedbacks for the time when Ok-pharmacy.com used to be a store are very limited. I don’t know if it’s because the store no longer operates, but only some reviews are available.

Cris B. is a “very satisfied customer” that would definitely use Ok-Pharmacy’ services again. Rebecca M. also tells that her “order arrived safely” and is enjoying her meds without a problem. Rebecca asked Ok-Pharmacy to continue to “take care and keep looking” for its customers, appreciating Ok-Pharmacy’s “friendliness and honesty”.

Don M., from the UK, is also “impressed with the speed of delivery”, explaining how he got his order on time and “in good condition”. Like Cris, Don believes he will be a returning customer soon.

Ok-pharmacy.com Customer Experience
Ok-pharmacy.com Customer Experience

Although these reviews are nice, I found them on Ok-Pharmacy.com Testimonials page, which means they could be written proposedly to attract more clients. Since these feedbacks aren’t placed on an independent website, I cannot stop wondering if they are, indeed, real. There’s a high chance of them being fake.

Ok-pharmacy.com Reviews 2016

Without any recent reviews, I’ve decided to check how well Ok-pharmacy.com would perform in security tests. Even though there isn’t any actual danger of using this website since it’s now a health information platform, I thought it would still be useful to check.

Apparently, Ok-pharmacy has been threat listed before. This ex-pharmacy belonged to a group of non-licensed pharmacies which could be involved in a scam. Moreover, Scam Adviser believes that the location of this store is in Barbados, a high-risk country. Caution is advised.

Ok-pharmacy.com Has Been Threat Listed
Ok-pharmacy.com Has Been Threat Listed

Scamner also doesn’t recommend browsing or buying anything from the website, giving Ok-pharmacy.com a lousy 25% trust score. Not a lot of people use Ok-Pharmacy to search for information, based on its popularity level provided by Scamner.

If Ok-Pharmacy was still an e-pharmacy, I don’t believe buying here would be a good option.

Ok-pharmacy.com Safety Information
Ok-pharmacy.com Safety Information

Ok-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Even though the prices Ok-pharmacy.com used to have were already quite low, I wanted to verify if the pharmacy still offered any other money saving methods.

Ok-Pharmacy advertised quite clearly how the prices were the most affordable on the Internet. In fact, I can say that the pills were being sold at super low rates when compared to other stores.

The pharmacy also guaranteed a secure transaction without compromising the clients’ sensible data.

The only actual discount I saw was a 10% off for all reorders. Returning clients could enjoy a tiny extra saving in all their orders, without exception. Seems to be the right trick to make people come back.

Ok-pharmacy.com Discount Offers
Ok-pharmacy.com Discount Offers
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