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The other day I stumbled upon, another e-pharmacy that is catering low-cost generic medications. On One Med Store’s main banner with a quite big flower picture, the store promises up to 80% savings with generic meds, and up to a 40% discount on branded medications. This advertisement is almost unreadable in this quite odd banner, to be frank. One Med Store offers medicines to be used for allergies, asthma, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, convulsions, thyroid, blood pressure and many others. One of the most looked products in this store is generic Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction.

The store doesn’t have a formal page introducing themselves. I was only able to gather that One Med Store started its operations in 2009. No information regarding the location of this drugstore is given. I find this particularly strange and it’s more than enough reason for me to start suspecting from

Most of the products sold here are generics and, once again, One Med Store is hiding crucial information concerning the origin of meds, and if they are FDA-approved or not. I consider this to be a very unprofessional behavior. Users have the right to know which pharmaceutical brand manufacturers the medicines they are buying, from where the meds are sourced, and which type of entity is regulating them. Otherwise, I just assume that the store is selling unapproved medications.

The generics to treat erectile dysfunction are actually more expensive on than in other online pharmacies. For example, generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) can only be acquired by $1.84 per pill in a set of 30 tablets, whereas generic Cialis (Tadalafil) can be bought for $2.14 per pill. Meds cannot be returned due to the regulatory measures imposed to international pharmacies. However, in a case of non-delivered products or damaged packages, the store will either reship or refund fully within 21 days after contacting the customer support.

Paying for the meds is fairly convenient and easy as One Med Store accepts credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), bitcoins, and bank transfers. The shipping fees are also higher than many other e-pharmacies: regular shipping costs $18 and express shipping EMS shipping costs $32. If you opt for a faster delivery, you can expect to get your goodies within 5-9 days, or 12-16 days otherwise. does not provide any phone number or address. The only way clients can contact the store is via live chat, which isn’t always available. Reviews seems to be known among consumers. Unfortunately, not always for the good reasons. In facts, the reviews from previous consumers are quite dispersed. Some enjoy the services provided by One Med Store, while others complain about the store’s lack of legitimacy.

Jimmy is a satisfied buyer who has been purchasing from One Med Store for 2 years without any complaints. He explains that “sometimes takes more time to get the med” but the products “always arrive”.

On a completely different tone, user S Pak referred to One Med Store as “crooks” who stole his money and lied. This user never received his package even though he paid extra “$40 for a foreign wire transfer”. Moreover, S Pak accuses One Med Store of not either having “processed” his order. This user made several comments explaining the situation, calling the store “a scam“.

Jadyoh is another very angry customer who advises future consumers to “stay away from this pharmacy”. This user also experienced the sudden cease of communication from One Med Store. Additionally, Jadyoh says this all experience was “a real nightmare”. Consumers Report Consumers Report Reviews 2016

As for more recent reviews, the only ones I was able to find were written in website under its “Testimonials” page. The tone of these reviews is way nicer than the previous ones.

Mr, Bernstein from Australia says his order “arrived promptly” and the “pills were great”. Banerjee also claimed to have received the products “within a month” and they were “exactly as described”. Both users will use One Med Store again.

Blevins compliments the pharmacy for its “great service”, explaining that the ordering process was “simple” and the meds “arrived fast and worked great”. Wilkie also shared his experience in ordering with One Med Store, saying that after the order was help by customs, the store “re-posted quickly”. Consumers Report 2016 Consumers Report 2016

Even though these reviews incomparably nicer and transmit a much more professional image than the previous ones, they should not be trusted. Many times, pharmacies make up their own set of reviews and post them on the official website as an attempt to trick consumers into believing that the pharmacy is legit and trustworthy. If the review is not placed on an independent website, you should always assume it’s fake. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Legit Script has the same opinion as other previous customers, calling a rogue internet pharmacy. Like many of the previous feedbacks, this scam alerting website believes other users will be ripped off if they decide to buy from One Med Store. Coupon Codes didn’t offer any coupon codes, per se. The store only provided free shipping on orders above $149, and guaranteed savings up to 80% with generic medication and up to 40% with brand name medicines. Discount Offers Discount Offers
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