is Detained: What Should Be Done? has been seized after the court orders were issued for it. The detainment has been pursued by the ICE. According to the court order, has been found guilty of selling false medicines which is a felony for which it has to pay up to 2,000,000 US Dollars or serve in the federal prison for ten years. The news is quite shocking as it is not common for online pharmacy websites to get such punishments. Temporary suspensions might occur but this news is quite astonishing. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

It is a well-known fact that the stores like suffer from a closure for an unlimited period of time along with heavy fines due to the existence of big pharmaceutical companies. These companies sell drugs at high rates and make great profits too but stores like are a threat to their existence in the market. That is why certain measures are constantly being taken by the big and reputed medicinal businesses to not only suspend the generic drug stores but to cause them heavy penalties. History comprises of a team consisting of trained professionals ready to supply the customers with high-quality drugs at amazingly low prices. There were also strict rules and regulations about the quality control of the drugs at The company offered all the medicines, from antibiotics to antivirals and from drugs for men’s health to those for mental illnesses. It was a priority to satisfy the customer at Moreover, as per the claims, this drug store had the widest range of medications being offered at “rock-bottom” prices which seem quite impressive. The age of this domain was approximately three years. Main Page Main Page

No user reviews could be derived in the name of despite the fact that it has been working for over three years. This goes against the popularity of the drug store because an absence of user feedback automatically declares a store as a rogue one. As per Scamadvisor, the owner of was using a software to hide its identity before it was seized. Other blogs and reviewing websites had also given negative reviews about It was considered as a scam and was given a very low trust rating which placed it among other high-risk websites. Also, some negative feedback was detected by Scamadvisor about, hence, it was asked to give second thoughts prior to using this drug store for ordering generic drugs. Alternatives

The shutting down of by the ICE has taught us about the most important thing to be kept in mind while shopping online- finding a trustable vendor. Searching for a trustworthy vendor is the single most important and equally difficult task to perform. Because the internet does not always have authentic websites, there is a high risk of getting spammed.

When it comes to finding a good replacement for, we have got you covered. We present you a list of all the top vendors that we think are the best for buying all types of generic medications online. Authenticity is assured good quality is promised by these websites for you to sit back and watch your medicines get delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days only.

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