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At the very least, it’s evident right away that Canadian Health&Care Mall has put in the bare effort to make their website readable and at least marginally organized, already putting them a step ahead of most of their competition. We’ll see if they match up in other areas as well.

I have been reviewing different online pharmacies for past few months and I have seen at least 20 different websites with completely different domain names that take you to the same pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall. Canadian Health&Care Mall, Trusted Tablets and Online Pharmacy are 3 main leaders of getting all the traffic by using many different websites with unique domain names that are all belonging to one provider, more likely, a scammer.

The company has an extensive “About Us” section that covers their entire history. According to it, they’re a Canadian company based in Ottawa and Toronto in the “early 90s” and then went online somewhere around 2000. It’s a nice story, but I have some immediate misgivings, mainly because the section, while long and at least cursorily detailed, is written in sort of broken English at times, which would not be the case it was written by a Canadian native, of course.

It seems like they deal primarily in ED medication, but they seem to have a large assortment of other FDA-approved products as well. When you look at their front page, the prices are ludicrously low—$0.99 for generic Viagra—but when you actually click the order button it takes you to a different page with more realistic prices. Generic Viagra is priced at $150.00 per 20 pills, while Cialis is $109.00 per 20 pills. These prices are definitely better than what you’d pay in a physical location. Payment methods accepted are Visa, Mastercard, and eCheck. Their refund policy is pretty typical; they just say if you’re not completely happy they’ll resend the package or refund your money; it’s done via a support ticket request.

As for shipping, the company ships everything via either Regular Airmail in 10-21 days—for free—or US customers can use an Express Courier option, for $25.00, and expect to receive their product in 8-14 days.

There’s no chat service for customer support, but there is the typical contact form and a phone number at the bottom of the page. I called them but no real person picked up the phone rather a voice mail service requesting me to leave my personal info and someone will get back to me shortly. I sent an inquiry via the contact form and have not yet received a response. Reviews:

As accepted, they offer a few testimonials on the site to boost the sales and convince the prospects. There are actually a lot of them there, but it seems whenever a company has them, they’re always fraudulent.

Jeffery Lucas from Great Britain writes that he “received [his] completely cipro order yesterday,” and that he’s “very pleased to be able to purchase this medication” at their “reasonable prices.” He also notes he’ll be ordering from them again.

Frank Dukes from California starts his review, hilariously, by saying “hi Pharmacy”—as if there’s a person named pharmacy he’s addressing, and then continues, saying he “can’t help worrying when his orders come late.” But apparently it’s only been 9 days, and he’s just checking in. It seems to me to be a veiled attempt to make their shipping service seem impeccable, as he says “9 out of 10 times” he receives his order within a week. It doesn’t exactly seem to me like something a real person would write. testimonials testimonials

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Further testimonials offer a similar pattern.

A.J. from L.A. declines to write anything about the company, instead giving the typical “Viagra changed my life” speech. He writes that it “ridded [him] of many problems in [his] personal life.” It’s textbook stuff.

Mary Weller from the UK claims to be a “medical specialist” and lauds the benefits of Viagra in a similar vein as A.J. She writes that “Viagra is a medicine that really HELPS people.” testimonials in 2016 testimonials in 2016

I never trust anything that’s on the actual seller’s site, especially, when it’s sketchy like these testimonials, so I did some more investigating. It looks like the site is not Canada-based as they claim, instead most likely from Russia, the internet scam capital of the world. So that pretty much destroys any credibility the site might have.

Scam Advisor gives the company a “High Risk” rating, which is the nail in the coffin. There’s simply no reason to drop your money on an untrustworthy site. Trust Rating Trust Rating

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The company (now clearly fraudulent) has a bunch of discounts available. Every order comes with 4 bonus pills. Strangely enough, though when I tried to place an order before I was assured Regular Airmail was free, here it says that it’s only free for orders over $150, while express shipping is free over $300, and shipping insurance is free for orders over $200.00.

These deals, other than being lackluster, are probably just a smokescreen. I’d advise ignoring them. Extra Bonuses Extra Bonuses
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