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I need a reliable online pharmacy for purchasing of routine medications to save time and money.

I have gone through multiple online drug stores but now it’s the turn for that seems quite fit for me. Online-Drugs-24h e-vendor is appealing reliable at first. Online-Drugs-24h is helping the customers by providing generic and brand products and generic products are cheaper than brands. It has further claimed that it is the leading pharmacy in delivering the medications worldwide at discount rates. OnlineDrugs24h is mainly claiming to focus on quality of the products because its goal is to retain the existing customers and increase the number of new customers. The most important thing I could not find out about is Online-Drugs-24h location and experience in the field, although I am very curious about it. However, Online-Drugs-24h products are stated to be approved by US FDA, so most probably, it will be shipping products from the US. Not for sure yet, let’s dig further. has many drugs for each category to facilitate the customers with broad choice. The drug categories available at Online-Drugs-24h e-store are for allergies, antifungal, antiviral, antibiotics, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, contraception, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, ED, GIT, hair loss, heart diseases, men’s health, muscle relaxants, skin care, weight loss and herbal. Bestseller products include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Clomid, Amoxil, Lasix, Celadrin, Accutane and propecia.

I am in search of a cheap online medical store, therefore, I have checked the prices of different products and they have really low prices as compared to local pharmacies of the USA. The average price of Viagra 100 mg is $2.4 per pill and the average price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is $2.5 per pill.

I can pay for my order by different options including Visa, Am Ex, and e-Checks. The e-vendor has three different shipment opportunities for customers including US postal service for only the US customers. Airmail shipment can deliver an order worldwide in 2-3 weeks at the cost of $ 10 per order. EMS courier service charges are $20 for worldwide delivery of a single order and its waiting duration is 3-8 days and EMS service is not available for all countries.

It is difficult to offer a return of medicine and refund of payment for Online-Drugs-24h because International rules restrict this policy due to unsatisfactory shipping conditions. So, I cannot return the product if the quality of the product will not satisfy me, however, in the case of damaged or incorrect order this online pharmacy will provide me a free reshipment. I can contact Online-Drugs-24h customer care service in case of any issue regarding purchase and delivery of the product. It has provided telephone numbers and an email address to contact. I have sent an email regarding Online-Drugs-24h experience but unfortunately, I didn’t get a response yet. Online Support Online Support Reviews

Customers are an integral part of any business, so they matter a lot during the assessment. Customers can express feelings online in both cases of satisfaction and dissatisfaction that is very productive for new customers. Online Pharmacy has stated about highest quality of products and lower prices for each category. I don’t know, to which extent this statement is real. So customer feedback will help me in detecting the truth of the claims of it. I don’t want an experience without proof for the reliability and authenticity.

Luckily, I have received a sufficient customer response that will be helpful for my review.

The first customer was Benjamin from Andorra who had purchased and was very happy with quick delivery and highest quality of the product. He said “Thank you for your follow up, I did receive the pills and had an opportunity to try them. I am very happy, so is my girlfriend”.

St Patricks was from Irish France who liked the prompt and efficient service offered by it. He said “just want to say thanks for your prompt and efficient service… The tablets arrived well within the timeframe given”.

Samuel had purchased Cialis from Spain. He is very satisfied with their quality and thankful to it. He said, “I have received the ten pills you sent and have tried them”. Feedback Feedback

All previous customer reviews are positive but, unfortunately, they all are present on such other website with exact names and testimonial. These are just pasted from other websites that are solid proof against its fake and scam services and products. If testimonials are not real, then there are few chances that product will be real. Reviews 2016

Recent customer feedback has equal importance, rather they are more crucial in terms of recent performance and current reputation of a service and product. This online vendor lacks customer response in 2016, so I am unable to judge it with the help of customer feedback.

According to a scam advisor report, Online-Drugs-24h has an unconfirmed location and is likely to be located in Australia or Netherland. It may pose a small risk when used for purchasing of drugs. It is not popular among customers but it has satisfactory safety level. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes

It was hard to find coupon codes for, so the discount through coupon code is excluded. Let me check what other discounts Online-Drugs-24h is able to provide. Online pharmacies can attract clients by different ways like seasonal sales, discounts, shipments offers, and bonuses. Online-Drugs-24h is providing following opportunities:

  • I can receive free Viagra pills with each order as a bonus
  • If the cost of my order will exceed $200, I will have free delivery service Freebies Freebies
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