Online Drugstore Canada – Risk of Running into Fake Websites

Online Drugstore Canada is a name of a pharmacy network or a group of online pharmacies owned by a single company. Pharmacy network websites are created by company owners and operators of online pharmacies and with a goal of increasing their sales via the excess websites. Pharmacy network operators believe that by increasing the number of their websites, they will be able to get more traffic directed at their main online pharmacy.

You may have encountered pharmacy network websites (they are called affiliate marketing sites) when browsing the web—online pharmacies belonging to the same pharmacy networks have identical-looking websites. During my first encounter with pharmacy network sites, I was a bit flustered because of the uncanny similarities between two pharmacies with different domains. But later on, I became aware that the multiple networks are innate to pharmacy networks. Owners purchase various domains and pattern them to their main online shops, so they look identical with one another.

Although we can consider these network of pharmacies as “legit” sites, these pharmacy networks are the primary target of scammers. The affiliate pharmacies related to pharmacy networks are easy to replicate, thus allowing scam operators to create their “dummy” affiliates to scam clients. It is often too difficult to tell a scam store apart from a real network affiliate, so consumers may easily be lured into dummy sites created by scammers.

Online Drugstore Canada Reviews

Although the Online Drugstore Canada network exists, it is hard to source the network’s reviews from the web due to the name of the pharmacy network. I failed to identify reviews for the Online Drugstore Canada websites, as there were no comments for any Online Drugstore Canada shop on third party review sites (Trust Pilot, Pharmacies Review, Reseller Ratings, and others) and renowned forum websites.

Consumer testimonials are essential in determining the service status of online pharmacies, so it is hard to evaluate the performance of Online Drugstore Canada stores due to its lack of reviews. The network may have not been popular on the web and based on the poor visibility of any Online Drugstore Canada website on the internet, the pharmacy network’s contents may have been poorly optimized so they fail to appear in search engine results.

Online Drugstore Canada Online

It is unfortunate that I was unable to locate even one Online Drugstore Canada named website on the web. Despite the Online Drugstore Canada existing on the web, there were no accessible online pharmacies bearing the store name. There are several reasons why these online pharmacies are not visible on the web anymore. Here are some of the reasons why Online Drugstore Canada shops couldn’t be searched on the web:

  • Poor search engine optimization – although there may be Online Drugstore Canada sites on the web, their content may have been poorly optimized so they don’t show up on search engines.
  • Short life span – I failed to locate Online Drugstore Canada shops on the web because most of the stores may have already expired. Online pharmacies linked with pharmacy networks are often with short expected web lives—about 365 days maximum only.

There are hallmark characteristics to pharmacies belonging to a certain pharmacy network. Although I was unable to view any website related to the Online Drugstore Canada network, here are some characteristics commonly observed in members of online pharmacy networks:

  • Identical facades – members of online pharmacy networks look the same and only differ in their domain names or web addresses
  • Similar content – affiliate pharmacies have uniform content as well—product list, prices, discount deals, policies, and technically everything
  • Multiple websites – online pharmacy networks involve several websites; however, these companies do not disclose that they employ the service of other identical-looking websites
  • One main processing center – although there are numerous websites affiliated with a pharmacy network, there is only one processing center for all the orders done on the websites

Online Drugstore Canada Coupon Codes

Because of the lack of information available for Online Drugstore Canada websites, I was also unable to determine the past or existing Online Drugstore Canada deals for the consumers. Usually, though, online pharmacy networks are able to offer the following deals to their clients:

  • Waived shipping fees – some online stores ship all orders for free, while some ship packages for free but for a set order amount
  • Bonus products – several web pharmacies are also able to give complementary products on every order, but other shops are only able to do so for consumers with larger purchases
  • Bulk discounts – large-scale purchases are given bulk discounts by online drugstores
  • Loyalty discounts – returning consumers are often given at least 5% discounts by online pharmacies
  • Referral incentives – in some cases, pharmacies are also able to give discounts to consumers with referrals, plus discounts for the consumers referred to as well
  • Store credits – most online pharmacies give points for every purchase and allow the consumers to use these points as rebates on their next orders

Online Drugstore Canada Numbers

No data exist for Online Drugstore Canada’s contact information. I failed to source addresses and phone numbers for any store linked with the Online Drugstore Canada network.

Online Drugstore Canada Spam

Scam and spam reports are aired on the web for online drug stores overall, but no complaints were specifically directed at Online Drugstore Canada named web pharmacies. Although no scam and spam complaints were intended for the Online Drugstore Canada network, consumers should take caution when dealing with online pharmacy networks since most of these web pharmacies are replicated by scammers.

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