Online-pharmacy– Is Seized: Where Next to Buy Good Medicine Online?

Online-pharmacy– has to be one of the most rated online pharmaceutical vendors to ply the business. Their business operation was cut short by a closing down of the website by legal authorities. The reason for this is displayed as being the sale of copyright infringing materials (referring to medicine) on the website. has been Seized by ICE
Online-pharmacy– has been Seized by ICE

A quick look at this domain now would show the certificate of seizure branded across the whole page. Coming on the back of a court order, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – Homeland Security Investigations, restricted access to the website. After the eventual closure of this domain, there was also the threat of a fine imposed on them, reaching as much as $250,000.

If found guilty of the charges that had been brought against them, the owners of Online-pharmacy– run the risk of at least five years in prison and can serve up to ten years’ maximum. This is usually a doing of the big pharmaceutical companies who would like to eliminate the kind of competition that they get from these online vendors. Owing to the low prices of goods that businesses such as Online-pharmacy— offers, there is usually a great decline in the business of major pharmas.

Online-pharmacy– History

Online Pharmacy USA might not have been around for more than ten years, but in that time frame, they were able to offer a decent amount of medicine to a somewhat steady flow of customers. With a professionally looking website, they did offer everything ranging from medicine for the common cold, erectile dysfunction pills and migraine medication to those for complex ailments. They had an FDA claim on their orders which were shipped out of India. Main Page
Online-pharmacy– Main Page

With its name, it goes without saying that Online Pharmacy USA is a business based in the United States. The testimonials on the website tell of an impressive brand. However, there was no mention of this website anywhere on the internet. That is too low a rating for one that has been in the business for one decade, at least. gives Online-pharmacy– a safety score of 96% and recommends it as being safe to use. This is in stark contrast to the opinion of, labeling the website as Rogue. The final opinion was from where a 0% popularity score complemented the report of a low popularity from Scam Adviser.

Online-pharmacy– Alternatives

On the one hand, it looks like Online-pharmacy– was able to serve its customers well during its time of stay on the internet. This means that a lot of customers would have been sorry to see it go. Likewise, that means one option short for online shoppers who would have loved to get good deals on generic and brand pills.

Not to worry though since there is a slew of replacement options out there. Just checking our extensive Top List of verified online pharmacies is here to help you choose a number of others today.

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