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Online Pills Homepage
Online Pills Homepage

Online Pills is an example of what can be referred to as an online pharmacy network. Online pharmacy networks are chains of similar looking websites carrying basically the same medications and have the same information. The drugs on these sites are usually sold at the same price. Although the Online Pills Websites’ About Page does not indicate when this pharmacy network was established, we managed to determine when it was established by checking the copyright section.

The pharmacy network was established back in 2001. The drugstore network is currently operating under an international license number 11111010 which the network sites indicate was issued on 17th August 2017. This made us believe that that the network of pharmacies is careful enough to stay inline with the legal needs.

One common practice by scammers we have been noticing on the internet is the use of clone sites to steal from unsuspecting customers. This is to tell you that you should not trust all the sites which have the above design. If you have not loaded the site using a verified domain address, there is a very high likelihood that it is a fake.

When it comes to the legality of the sites present in the Online Pills pharmacy network, we have determined that they are all legal. These sites are affiliate marketing websites for the Canadian pharmacy limited which has the approval from both CIPA and MIPA. The sites also follow the law by only selling FDA approved medications. You will never find narcotics or addictive drugs on these sites.

Online Pills Reviews

It was easy to locate the numerous reviews left behind by people who had already shopped at Online Pills. Even if the pharmacy network is 17 years old and has served numerous people, we were surprised to note that there were no negative comments. This can only prove one thing: this pharmacy network ensures that all their customers are satisfied. Here are some of the reviews we found:

Online Pills User Testimonials
Online Pills User Testimonials

Before ordering your meds from an online pharmacy, it is essential to make sure that the drugstore will deliver your meds on time. This is what the Online Pills pharmacy network does. Matthew says that the delivery was Ok for him.

It appears that Simona has been shopping for meds on the web for a long time. She says that she has never had the chance to smile until when she got a chance to order from one of the pharmacy sites in the Online Pills pharmacy network. The meds were delivered on time and everything was great. Nobody wants to deal with a pharmacy site that they have to take hours before they can figure out what is going on. This is not the case with Online Pills drug stores. Kaiman found it easy to place his order which got processed promptly.

Online Pills Online

We indicated the Online Pills websites homepage at the beginning of this review. As you can see, you should not expect Online Pills websites to have a title similar to their name. They have the name “CANADIAN PHARMACY” on them. Their tagline indicates that they are the most famous pharmacy in the world. Based on the comments they have from previous customers, we can agree with this tagline.

The look that you get on the sites is not complicated at all. You can figure out where to start your order. Locating your meds is as easy as searching for it using the search bar or using the search by letter function to narrow down your search.

The medications are arranged in categories. When we counted these categories, we counted 27 of them. This means that the sites in the Online Pills drugstore network hold hundreds of drugs. Therefore, it is hard for anyone to miss his or her meds.

At checkout, we got redirected to a new website where we were to pay. The payment options being provided are either VISA or Mastercard. The website handling the payments is encrypted using the 256-bit protocol. This makes it safe from hackers.

Online Pills Coupon Codes

Although there are no coupon codes available anywhere for the sites in the Online Pills pharmacy network, there are big saving chances available in the Online Pills drugstore websites. First, when we checked the price lists, we noticed that the pill prices were reducing as the number of pills purchased increased. Second, after adding the drugs to the shopping cart, we found even more offers. Below are the offers available in the shopping cart:

Online Pills Shopping Cart Offers
Online Pills Shopping Cart Offers

You will be offered a chance to choose whether you want to take free Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. Airmail shipping is paid for you as long as your order will cost more than 200 dollars.

Online Pills Phone Numbers

Since Online Pills is not a scam pharmacy network, we did not expect it to hide its contact details. We were not disappointed. We found two phone numbers on all the sites in this network. Here are the numbers:

  • +1 718 487 9792 for US Customers
  • +4420 3239 7092 for UK Customers

The drugstore network had a contact page where you can fill in your details and query to send them an email.

Online Pills Spam and Phone Calls

The only comments available online for Online Pills pharmacy network are positive. Even after searching for a long time, we could not locate any negative comments where people indicated that they had been spammed by the pharmacy network. This shows that this pharmacy network never spams their customers.

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