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Online Rx is a 17-year old online pharmacy that is continuously growing into a big network of online pharmacies. A network of online pharmacies means that different websites are selling medicines one main pharmacy. In a network, all medicines being offered by the internet drugstores are the same in price.

Online Rx has one goal – to provide safe and effective medicines to anyone in this world. They want to give more people access to the medicines they offer hence they are offering it worldwide and worldwide shipping. To ensure the quality of the medicines they offer, they are only working with professional suppliers. They directly deal with them and ensure that they are getting these medicines at the lowest price to possible. This will allow them to give it to their customers at a lower price. Online Rx accepts order via many websites but dispenses medicines via its main processing center where all orders are being handled.

Online RX Reviews

Finding information about Online Rx is not hard and finding customer reviews is much easier. This internet drugstore has a testimonial page on their website, a page where they keep all of their customer reviews. Here are some of the information and experiences shared by Online Rx network pharmacy customers.

Reviews for Online Rx
Reviews for Online Rx

We found four customer reviews from Sarah, Piter, Barbara, and Jacob. These customers are from around the world. Sarah is from Spain, Piter is from Italy, Barbara is from Sweden, and Jacob is from France.

From Spain, Sarah shared the things she loved about Online Rx – the fast delivery and courteous service. She said it was hard to find an internet pharmacy to trust but it is even harder to find an internet pharmacy like Online Rx. She was thankful for this e-store and the people running it.

Piter of Italy has the same sentiments, he loved the service and the experience he had with Online Rx. As for the lady from Sweden, she was happy that her order arrived earlier than expected and the product she received was exactly as advertised. She said she was extremely satisfied with the service.

Jacob of France wrote the review we found. According to him, the customer service team of Online Rx was very helpful. Jacob’s problem stemmed from his inability to place an order on the website. He eventually ended calling the support team for help and he was not disappointed.

It only shows that with great service, quality products and people who knew their job in the customer care field, Online Rx was able to continue serving their customers in the last 17 years with glee and satisfaction.

Online RX Online

The Online Rx network of online pharmacies is a large one. They can be easily identified with their banner logo from Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall started operating in 1997 but it was only in 2001 that it started a mail-order business and developed it into an online pharmacy. For more information about Online Rx, you can contact them thru their ‘contact us’ page and by phone.

The Online Rx Website
The Online Rx Website

Online Rx has a lot to offer. Their medicines are all FDA approved and are Indian FDA approved. They offer generic and branded medicines and they have a prescription and over the counter drugs. Customers who want to lessen the hassle of ordering their Rx medicine can get in touch with Online Rx. Online Rx does not necessitate a prescription before dispensing an Rx medicine. All they want is for their customers to be responsible and think first before taking any medicine (regardless of where they get it). They highly encourage everyone to talk to a doctor first before attempting to take a medicine for the first time, an OTC or Rx medicine. Among the types of Rx medicines that Online Rx offers are erectile dysfunction medicines, pain medications, depression drugs, anxiety drugs, heart medicines, drugs to lower sugar and blood level, sleeping pills and weight loss pills. Some weight loss pills can be taken without a prescription but then it is best to talk to a doctor first.

Online RX Coupon Codes

Finding an online coupon code for Online Rx was a challenge. With so many Canadian online pharmacies offering coupon codes on third-party sites, we were unable to find one for Online Rx. This is not surprising since the price of medicines offered by Online Rx is already at its lowest. As compared to other online pharmacies, Online Rx offers the cheapest generic Viagra at $0.27 per tablet. They also offer the cheapest generic Cialis at $0.68 per pill.

Online Rx Offers
Online Rx Offers

Although they do not have coupon codes, Online Rx is still a good internet pharmacy to try as they offer other perks like free pills on every order and free shipping on orders worth $200 and higher.

Online RX Phone Numbers

Online Rx can be reached via phone at 718 487 9792 if you are in the US area and 4420 3239 7092 if you are in the UK area. You can also reach them via their ‘contact us’ page. These are the only ways to contact Online Rx as of this writing.

Online RX Spam and Phone Calls

For the interest of the people who want to try Online Rx and their products, be informed that this website is not practicing sending spam emails and calls.

 Online RX Spam and Phone Calls Policy
Online RX Spam and Phone Calls Policy

They respect every customer’s privacy and they show it by keeping all information they gather as confidential as possible. They also assure their customers that all information provided to Online Rx is used as needed only and not for marketing purposes.

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