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My quest for affordable generic alternatives to ED meds like Viagra and Cialis has led me to various online pharmacies selling generic ED meds. is amongst one of them. This is what I discovered.

Initially, I wasn’t able to find an About Us section in this pharmacy but was able to locate an unassuming tab at the bottom of the site later. However, this section was brief and was more about what this pharmacy sells and how good it is rather than who is running it and where it is being operated from, and for how long it has been business. It’s almost as if the site and seller have just fallen off from Mars into Earth and have no traceable origins. I found this lack of basic information or the attempt to hide it disturbing.

An assorted mix of medicines and herbal supplements are available at Online 24-7 Sale under categories like meds for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Cardiovascular Diseases, Muscle Relaxants, etc. I found ED meds listed under categories like Penis Enlargement, Erectile Dysfunction, Men’s ED Pack, as well as in sections called Men’s Health and Best Sellers.

Viagra costs $.40 per pill; however, it costs $3.46 (per pill) and $34.65 (per 10 pills) once you click on the shopping cart. Meanwhile, other variants like Viagra Gold and Viagra Super Active cost $2.75 and $1.75(per pill) respectively. Likewise, the prices in the shopping card turned out to be a bit higher i.e., $3.58 and $2.94 (per pill) respectively. Cialis costs $16.67 (per pill) and Levitra $6.38 (per pill) in the shopping cart area. This apparent contradiction in prices in the outside and inside pages is something that is beyond me.

Since I give much value to FDA approval or any kind of approval from a recognized medical authority, I was happy and much impressed to find out in the FAQ section that all the products at this Online Pharmacy are approved by FDA as well as the World Health Organization. I also noticed that the word ‘Generic’ seemed to be missing from all these meds’ description, giving the impression as if these were trademarked meds. I wonder if this was a deliberate ploy to manipulate perceptions. The FAQs still defined what generic pills are and the ways it is different from branded drugs, etc, and gave the impression that the store was selling generic products.

This Online Pharmacy has two shipping methods: Courier Service (5-9 days’ delivery) and International Unregistered Airmail (14-21 days’ delivery). Only Courier Service can be tracked via the code provided by the pharmacy. The Order Tracking interface required one to log in and enter the member area; however, I couldn’t locate this log in interface anywhere on the site. This seems like a huge oversight from the site development and navigational point of view.

I found the payment methods on this site to a bit more diverse than other sites. Online 24-7 Sale accepts not just major Credit Cards such as Visa and Master but also other payment methods like Wire Transfer, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and even Bitcoin. The ease of payments when making a purchase online is a factor that can’t be overlooked.

The next thing I checked was of course the ways to approach this Online Phramacy. The contact numbers provided are as follows: US: + 19173832064CA: +1 1647 6941568However, no toll free number is given. The other methods were emailing via the form provided on the site and the Live Chat facility. I sent an email but didn’t get an acknowledgment email. However, when I clicked on the Live Chat button, I was connected to a Customer Support person called Leanna who quickly and satisfactorily answered my query.

Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Online 24 7 Sale
Customer Service Support via Live Chat on Online 24 7 Sale

I was able to locate this Online Pharmacy’s refund policy in case of no delivery of the shipment i.e., either the order would be reshipped after the customer’s notification or the order amount will be refunded. This guarantee was found in the FAQ section as well as featured prominently in the side panel of inside pages.

Online 24 7 Sale Reviews:

My next step was to evaluate how this online pharmacy was doing in terms of the customers’ satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) level. I browsed through the testimonials’ section and found out that the customers were from diverse regions like Spain, France, Germany, USA, etc, but no dates were given against the names, which made it unclear whether these testimonials were recent or older. The reviews weren’t related exclusively to ED meds; a few customers also vouched for diabetes as well as anti-smoking meds. More reviews were found on different inside pages.

For instance, Jules from Lyon, France, bought medicines from this store on friends’ recommendation and was highly satisfied with them. He says: “Your shop was recommended for me by several my friends. Without recommendations I feared make an order. But now I am happy that I did it! Because service was perfect and arrived medicines changed my life!” Meanwhile, Frank from Denver, USA felt that his Viagra pills made him experience sex like never before and heightened his pleasure multiple times “My new Viagra pills arrived some days before. I want to say that the effect was amazing, I can’t compare these nights with any others! Every feeling was reinforced several times, it was the best sex in my life!”

Online 24 7 Sale Reviews
Online 24 7 Sale Reviews

Online24-7sale Reviews 2016:

Another weird thing was my discovery of a mirror site with identical content but a different name. Only one testimonial was similar on both sites. This means that the same seller is trying to sell the same product under different names and guises.

Online24-7sale Reviews 2016
Online24-7sale Sale Reviews

Now I became suspicious so decided to investigate this seller on Scam Advisor, my go-to-source for checking websites selling fake products. This is what I found out about Online 24-7 Sale:

Trust Rating by Scamadvisor for
Trust Rating by Scamadvisor for

The site poses to be in the USA but is most likely to be in Russia. It’s rarely visited, which means that all the testimonials are fake. No wonder the safety score of the site was zero. This was enough to convince me to stay away from this site for good, and I know you too would do the same. Coupon Codes:

No coupon codes were found on this site.

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