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Generic and brand-name medicines are offered at, though the name implies that it only has the generic variants. There is no clue as to where is based, but it is an online store which ships worldwide. The year when the company started wasn’t also mentioned, and its copyright just indicates 2016, which may be a clue that it is rather a new site.

The main products peddled by are the ED meds and the abortion pills/kits. There are a number of countries where abortion is legal, and there are also a number of nations which considers it illegal. I have no idea about the drugs’ importation, though; the only thing I know was that these meds (either ED or abortion meds) need Rx’s to be availed of. Regarding that, I saw that the site had a separate section for the “Prescription Policy”, but it was vague; it was unclear to me whether asks for prescriptions from its clients on the Rx meds. The statement of regarding the prescriptions was that it only “encourages” the clients to submit a “request”.

Other products of include a number of commonly-bought meds like meds for hair loss, fungal infections, hyperacidity, cholesterol, diuretics, meds for cancer, BP meds, skin care, and many others. As mentioned earlier, offers both brand and generic name types of these medications (whichever is available for the drugs). Regarding the quality, assures that all the meds were manufactured under Standard practices; it also sells only products approved by the FDA.

There were a lot of ED products offered by the site and all of them are generic. I have found a lot of derivatives for Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil including soft tablets, fizz, chewable tablets, oral jellies, and so much more. Since there were so many, I will only list the prices of the basic types. Generic Viagra here at costs $22 for 12 pills of the 100 mg variant. Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) is also available and sells it for $40 for 10 pills (10 mg). These ED medications are mostly made from India, which is the largest manufacturing country of the ED meds. These ED meds, in particular, were from the well-known generic manufacturer, Ajanta Pharma, which supplies to various online stores like this site worldwide.

Onlinegenericpills charges $25 for the regular/standard shipping, while it charges $35 for the express shipping. According to, it usually ships within the day the payments are processed, but it sometimes takes up to 48 hours to ship the orders, depending upon the availability of the products. In case the products ordered were not available, the company will inform the clients to resolve the matter. As for the payments for the products, accepts only payments from major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex; it also accepts e-check payments. Like most sites, uses 128-bit SSL to encrypt the payment detail page so that clients will not get hacked for their personal information. offers 100% cash-back guarantee for its clients for damaged products, delayed shipments, any mistake on the site’s end, wrong orders shipped, damaged goods, and dissatisfaction from clients. Should clients have any questions regarding the site, they can use ‘s online chat support for answers. I tried the service but there wasn’t anyone replying to my inquiry. Unfortunately, there was no other contact information available for The other way to contact the site was thru submitting the contact form found on its site, and that’s it.

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Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Onlinegenericpills Reviews: Reviews Reviews

There were a number of client reviews native to the site. There were ones for specific products and there were also these ones scattered about on the site. According to Anna Lane, she was impressed by the site’s delivery period and appreciated that the site for its good service.

Robert Frederick, another client who bought from the site, thanked Onlinegenericpills for its fast delivery too; he also appreciated that the site sent his orders with special wishes as it was during the Christmas season that he was able to receive his order. Another buyer, Martin Adam, said that he was always happy ordering from the site because he was assured that he is able to receive each order every single time.

A lot of others were still available for reference, but I have noticed that all of these reviews were positive. Also, there is some risk to these client reviews as they were only found on and not from reputable review sites. I am not saying that these reviews haven’t any shred of truth to them, but they may not be entirely true, as there were no proofs that these client reviews were from verified client purchases from the site.

Online Generic Pills Reviews 2016:

Online Generic Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Online Generic Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Online reviews from third-party review sites were not found for Online generic pills for the year 2016. Aside from not having verified client reviews from reputable sites, was also rated only 10% safe by Scam Adviser, which indicated that it is a “high-risk” site. Being a client, I want to be assured of a certain site’s security before I am able to order from it.

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Free Pills Offer on Onlinegenericpills
Free Pills Offer on Onlinegenericpills
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Onlinegenericpills
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders on Onlinegenericpills offers a handful of promos for its clients. Like the typical sites, Onlinegenericpills gives away free pills, but for a minimum of 40 pill purchases at least. The site says it has free worldwide shipping, but it is only for purchases which reach the $201 mark.

Aside from the free $201-order-amount shipping and the freebie giveaway, there were no other client offers for the clients; not even for the upcoming holidays.

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