Review: Your Reliable Source of Generic Medicines Online Home Page is a 24/7 online pharmacy that delivers anywhere in the world. They distribute generic and branded medicines from Indian pharmaceutical companies. The medicines they offer are Indian FDA approved and are safe and effective. According to their website, they only deal with Indian pharma companies that are trusted in India.

This internet drugstore has been around for 7 years now. Their goal for the past 7 years is to give as many people as possible the chance to get their medicines at an affordable price.

Since they started, Onlinepharmacy-24h has been offering numbers of drugs giving their customers more options when it comes to their medication. They offer different brands of medicines for an allergic reaction, viral infection, fungal infection, hypertension, anxiety, and depression. They also offer medicines for arthritis, asthma, and birth control pills. also offers medicine for erectile dysfunction. A pack of Viagra 100 mg with 120 tablets are sold for $165.76 and Cialis 20 mg costs $191.05 for a pack of 120 pills. The ED medicines they are offering are generic brands. Since the competition among generic brand manufacturers is tight, the price for these ED brands is regulated and cheaper.

If you plan to order from onlinepharmacy-24h, you can do so if you have a credit card or if you e-check. At the moment, these are the only mode of payments accepted by this online pharmacy. Prior to processing your order, you will have to choose the delivery method that you want to use. Orders are delivered in two ways, via the Trackable Courier Service and the International Registered Mail. The International Registered Mail service takes up to 21 days for the delivery to takes place while EMS Courier Delivery only takes up to 8 business days. According to their page, you can find the final delivery charge (depending on the country of destination) once you process an order. If your order is over $200, you can have it delivered for free via Airmail and if it is $300, you can have it delivered for free via EMS.

If you have issues or questions about the service they offer, you can contact Onlinepharmacy-24h thru chat. They offer a live chat support service to ensure that all queries are answered anytime. contact form contact form

Online Pharmacy 24h Reviews

Since we are planning to use Online Pharmacy 24h for our future refill of ED prescription, we decided to check how reliable they are according to their customers. Testimonials Testimonials

The first review we found was shared by Wei Zhang who was thankful for the order he received and for his discount. The second review expressed the same sentiment as Oliver Scott says he was happy to receive his order in great condition. Lastly, Neill gave onlinepharmacy24h a rating of 5 after having his order.

Looking at the feedback from these customers, we can say that this online pharmacy does deliver orders as promised.

Onlinepharmacy-24h Reviews 2018

To solidify our confidence with Onlinepharmacy-24h reviews, we searched for more reviews and here are what we found. Testimonials 2018 Testimonials 2018

We found a story shared by Tristan who wrote her testimony to thank onlinepharmacy 24h for sending his order in time. Aside from Tristan, Paul Geasley also wrote the same story as he thanked this e-store for the delivery of his order.

John Collins gave a rating of 5 because his order arrived and everything was in order. The last review we found for this e-store was from Mohammed Farooq. Mohammed also wrote a testimony to thank this internet drugstore for delivering his order on time. Mohammed also received the support he needs from the customer team and appreciated their effort.

Tristan, Paul, John, and Mohammed are all happy souls because they gambled in choosing onlinepharmacy-24h for their online purchases. Coupon Codes

Online stores offer cheap products because they have lower operating cost. They don’t have to pay for people to man their store as long as they have a working website. Still, we want to have more savings hence we opt to choose e-stores that offer coupons and promotions. Coupon Codes Coupon Codes

For Online Pharmacy 24h, one of their promotions is giving away free pills in every order. They also offer free express delivery to customers whose order is worth $300. If your order is at least $200, you are still eligible to get free Airmail shipping.

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