Review – An Online Drug Store Store with Genuine Negative Reviews! Main Page Main Page was an online pharmacy operated by a group of US licensed physicians that help people get their prescription in the easiest way possible. This online group is no longer active though. The group was based in the US.

This online pharmacy offers a wide range of medication. When a customer contacts them, their US-licensed physicians will provide the customer with a questionnaire to identify their needed medicine. Once identified, a prescription will be issued and if the customer agrees to order, then the pharmacy will process it.

Among the medicines they offered were medicines for allergies, anti-depressant medicines, men’s health medicines, anti-parasitic drugs, skin care medications, and sexual health drugs. This pharmacy used to offer branded and generic medicines and it is up to the customer if they want to have branded or not.

OnlinePharmacyMD offered Viagra in bulk. For their branded Viagra medicine, 3 tablets (100m) cost $114. This is so far one of the most expensive Viagra medicines I had seen (perhaps the archived information was way back in the early 2000s hence the high price). For Cialis, the price is also the same, 3 tablets of 100mg Cialis cost $114. The medicines offered by were all FDA approved.

According to Online Pharmacy MD, the only payment method accepted by the site was through credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). Not everyone can order from The company only ship to US customers but not to all states. All orders were delivered by FedEx. Since the website had been closed, information on the cost of shipping is no longer available.

From the main page of OnlinePharmacyMD shop, you can see the different ways to get in contact with their support team. They have a “contact us” page where customers can input their queries. There is also a “click here for live help” option. Since the website is no longer active, these options are no reachable. In addition, a toll-free number was also available at 877-479-2455.

Do they process a refund? During its operation, doesn’t process the refund due to FDA regulations. They do not cancel orders as well if the order has been shipped out already. Reviews

Personally, I believe that online stores, especially drug stores must make a way to prove that what they offer is the real thing. This can be done by encouraging their customers to post reviews and write testimonials. In a way, that feedback can also help online stores to improve their service and make more customers.

For, it was such a great relief to find as much customer reviews as we have below: Feedback Feedback Customer report Customer report Customer Experience Customer Experience

Adam wrote in 2012 that he was a regular customer of and had been getting his medication from them for the last six months. He continued ordering from them because the medicine he was receiving were genuine and effective. However, Adam was not happy with the delivery wherein overnight delivery was not overnight. He also feels burdened by the continuous sales call he was receiving from their sales team. Although requesting to be added to DNC works, he said he receives a call again after he reorders his medicine.

Kay Senders in 2012 wrote that her husband once ordered from OnlinePharmacyMD and that one mistake made their life miserable. She said the company kept on bugging them, calling them and sending them emails, asking them to order again. She added that they don’t stop asking them if they want to refill their Tramadol prescription.

Derka Iderka shared her experience in 2011 as well about the fake medicines she received from Online Pharmacy MD. She said she paid $100 for the fake medicines and was aghast to see that the drugs were made of chalk and white glue. She also hated the constant sales calls she was receiving from

With one good to mix review and two negative reviews, I would say that these existing customer reviews for were genuinely written by their previous customers. It showed how aggregated and disappointed they were especially with the constant sales calls they were receiving. Sadly, it also says that Derka Iderka received fake medicines and this is quite alarming. I am just glad that this online drug store is no longer active and can no longer scam other people. Reviews 2016

The reviews of were not encouraging a bit hence I decided to check Customer Experience Customer Experience

According to, this online pharmacy had 0% trust rating. The website is not recommended for browsing and buying as well. Perhaps this is one reason why it is permanently closed now. Trust Rating Trust Rating also showed that this online pharmacy who has US licensed pharmacists could be located in Australia. The real location of the website where they do their operation was not clear because their server was well-hidden. Coupon Codes

As an online pharmacy, that if they can win a single customer and that customer has a lot of friends, then they can win their friends too. For this reason, they offered this promotion: Discount Discount

If a customer refers a friend and that friend made orders, the referring friend will get $20. This is applicable to all orders referred. It means that every time your referral orders, you will get $20. Whether this is true or not can’t be confirmed at the moment since the website is no longer active.

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