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Front Page of appear to be a new store since it lacks content in its ABOUT US page. I guess I will have to dig deep to find more information about this provider of pharmaceuticals. I managed to find out that the company is located in UK but they ship their products from India, Singapore, and Switzerland. All I know is that they have medication for Asthma, Acidity, Depression, diabetes, Herpes, Malaria, pain, Arthritis, Blood Pressure, Hair Loss, Skin Care, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

I am more interested in erectile dysfunction medication. They sell Viagra which goes for as low as $0.63. Tadalafil is available for as low as $0.69 and the generic Levitra goes for $1.44 per pill. I believe that the products they offer are FDA approved.

I learn that the order has to be approved for it to be shipped. It appears that Minimum subtotal order amount can’t be less than $30.00. The site we accept Visa and MasterCard credit card for payment.

I see from their delivery page that they offer Express shipping method. The Express Delivery Service costs $29.95 and takes 7 – 14 working days.

The customer service team of can be reached by filing the contact form or calling the number +1 (888) 228-2003. They have a chat option, I used it to get some information but it takes time for them to respond.

Chatting with Customer Service Representative of OnlinePharmacytabs24
Chatting with Customer Service Representative of OnlinePharmacytabs24

I noticed that they do not have a return policy once the order has been dispatched.

OnlinePharmacytabs24 Reviews: has reviews posted for Sildenafil Soft Tabs. Chris Bader posted on 22 July 2015 and said, “Thanks for the service!” He was more impressed by the quality of the product other than the price. Another customer, Paul L, posted on 4 June 2015 and thanked them; his rating for price and quality were average.

Jason H posted on 22 February 2015 and it appeared that the quality of the product was of great importance. He said, “I was happy with the order.” Lastly Charles only left his quality and price on 12 February 2015. He was neither impressed by the service because he did not say anything.

Customers should be careful not to mistake the in-site reviews with the ones that appear in independent review sites. These reviews might have been compromised to deceive the consumer and encourage sales. We want to save money, so we cannot tolerate fraud work when we see it. The aim of this site might be to provoke the selling of their products which I do not recommend.

OnlinePharmacytabs24 Reviews
OnlinePharmacytabs24 Reviews

Online Pharmacy Tabs 24 Reviews 2016:

I also did a scam test, something that I do to all of the website that I evaluate. I have to know if is legit or fake. The results for this analysis suggests that the site should not be trusted; it had a low trust rating. I have confirmed that the site needs careful attention when information and cash is to be exchanged, but this won’t happen since I have no intention of risking my money on this site. is based in Germany, but most likely the owner is from Russian Federation. The site appears to have a server link in Netherlands. The site is considered to be a high risk place to purchase products online. The site has also, one in its life time, appeared in the list of rogue pharmacies. The high risk state may be the reason as to why the website has reports of malware. The high number of suspicious activity in the website should cause some concern among ED consumers.

Online Pharmacy Tabs 24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Online Pharmacy Tabs 24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser Coupon Codes: appears to have an application for Coupon Codes, I had to search and see if I might find anything that can help me save. I found that there is a code for 35% off orders over 200 USD, 15% off orders over 70 USD, 5% off any purchase, 20% off orders over 100 USD and 10% off FIRST buy in the store.

The Coupon Codes does expire, so the discount appears valid for a specific date, probably they appear on a daily basis. I can see that these coupons can help a lot in reducing the cost of the purchase, but there is no indication that they work. In real sense, the site has no discounts and offers so I am sure that the products will be costly to the end.

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