Order-Meds.biz Review – No Assurance Regarding its Legitimacy

Order-Meds.biz Front
Order-Meds.biz Front

With the prices of meds and health care cost continuing to rise upwards, people are becoming increasingly concerned about finding affordable health care options. I was compelled to look for affordable brand meds or equally cost effective alternatives like generics. Order-Meds.biz is one of the online pharmacies I checked out in this regard and here is what I learnt:
There is a ‘Our Services’ page on the site but it doesn’t specify the physical location of the pharmacy or the number of years in service, so we can’t determine if this pharmacy is a new one or old. The ‘Why Order Meds’ specify that meds available here are brand ones.

It elaborated further that since all the meds available at this pharmacy have been manufactured at supervised and certified manufacturing plants; hence, these meds are in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) & World Health Organization standards.

Meds are available under 5 basic categories: ADD/ADHD, Men Health Products, Pain Medicines, Sleeping Pills, and Weight Loss

I was interested in finding some affordable options for Erectile Dysfunction meds in the Men Health Products and found very few products there i.e., only three. So I am listing their names and prices:

Cialis (20 mg)

30 Pills cost $105.00 ($3.50 per pill price)

60 Pills cost $175.00 ($2.92 per pill price)

Kamagra (100 MG)

30 Pills cost $100.00 ($3.33 per pill price)

60 Pills cost $170.00 ($2.83 per pill price)

Viagra (100 mg)

30 Pills cost $105.00$ (3.50 per pill price)

60 Pills cost $180.00 ($3.00 per pill)

Mind you, all these are brand meds and prices are pretty good as generics are available at this price usually in online pharmacies. In fact, these prices almost look too good to be true.

This pharmacy accepts payments through the following methods: Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) and Western Union.

The pharmacy uses Registered Airmail service, the parcels arrives within 7-14 business days and a maximum of 30 days and the cost is $30. Meds dispatched through this method can be tracked.

There are two ways you can contact the customer care department on the site:

Live Chat: When I checked the customer care representative was offline and it has been like this all day long.

The other method is submission of your query through the form given on the site. Since the Live Chat Option wasn’t available, I sent my query through this method and have been waiting for a reply:

Contact Using Email on Order-Meds.biz
Contact Using Email on Order-Meds.biz

No phone numbers have been provided for communicating with the customer care department.

A 100% money back guarantee is offered by the site in case the product doesn’t get delivered, or is delivered and is incorrect or in a damaged condition. The customer can then either ask for redelivery of products or send it back in original packing and accessories and would receive a refund or an exchange or credits.

Order-Meds.biz Reviews:

Before making purchases at any online store impressionably, it is advisable to look around for impartial reviews from customers who might have bought from the said store. As for Order Meds.biz, I poked around different pharmacy reviewing site but was unable to find any substantial information about it.

Order-Meds Reviews 2016:

I turned to Scam Advisor to get some background information and advice on this pharmacy and learnt that:

Scamadviser Report on Order-Meds
Scamadviser Report on Order-Meds

This site may give the impression of being a USA based pharmacy but is more likely to be run from Russian federation, a fact that is confirmed from the awkwardly written language of the site. Scam Advisor also adds that there are very few visitors to this site, so the pharmacy isn’t exactly popular. So care is required in buying from this place.

Order Meds Coupon Codes:

Most online pharmacies run promotional schemes and send out discount codes in emails to attract potential customers. However, no such promotional discounts, codes, etc, were found to be active on the pharmacy’s site.

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