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Home Page of Ordernorx.com
Home Page of Ordernorx.com

First of all, ordernorx.com is one of those sites that you visit one time and then it suddenly becomes inaccessible for some uncanny reason. I was trying to reach it now, but my browser tells me that “ordernorx.com sent an invalid response”. It seems like the site exposed itself as the scam site I think it is quite early on. Anyway, let’s get on with this review using the knowledge of my previous visit.

The site has been up for around 3 years, and its website location is in France. But as we can see in the contact numbers, +1 866 978 68 81/+1 718 355 84 84 are toll-free numbers for the USA. Looks fishy to me. And based on its site name, we can conclude that the site’s main selling point is that clients can “order-no-rx” medication from it. So basically they are selling prescription medication for various conditions (mostly those common for medical abuse), and yes, ED medication too.

Unfortunately, before I can try out the site and explore more of it, the site went down, so I wasn’t able to gather how much they were selling the ED medication for. But I think that the prices don’t matter now, as there is no reason for me to buy anything on this site anyway (and it’s not technically possible either).

Judging from the site’s “order-no-rx” catchphrase, it can only vend shady, untested, FDA-unapproved generics from countries I would not like to mention; as pharmacies, even online versions need to have permits and licenses to sell branded prescription meds and require prescriptions to sell them.

As the usual (scam) site operation, clients are usually required to pay via credit card, debit cards, and money transfers. These kinds of sites never offer cash-on-delivery, unlike the established sites I currently shop in. And because the ordernorx.com is already gone, I could not find its shipping instructions, transit and delivery times, shipping fee rates, and return policies.

The site has provided numbers to contact them within site, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, the numbers are US toll-free numbers, and not from France, where the site is located. Email support is available, but I haven’t had a chance to try out its customer service because of the site’s unreachable status. And not that it matters anymore.

Ordernorx.com Reviews:

As it is with all scam sites I have the displeasure of encountering, there are no reviews available for ordernorx.com. It seems that people are already wised-up and discerning, that bait sites like this one can’t seem to fool anyone anymore.

And right now, even if there are still positive reviews existing regarding the site, they wouldn’t matter. I don’t know how it is with missing sites; they may be taken down due to bad reputation, or that they weren’t able to pay the annual domain hosting fee, or it may be that the site is undergoing maintenance.

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Safety Report of Ordernorx.com by Scamadvisor
Safety Report of Ordernorx.com by Scamadvisor

My initial gut feeling regarding this site is confirmed by the result of checking ordernorx.com with Scam Advisor. It is amusing how it rated 0% safe. Perfect score for scam sites. It is also indicated in the results that the site is indeed from France, but the owner’s real location is somewhere else. It is no surprise for me that the site is currently unreachable because that’s what con sites do; they appear and disappear, like magic tricks.

Orderno Rx Coupon Codes:

On my previous visit, I have seen several promos from the site. Bulk purchase discounts are available, including those for the ED medication that I have my primary interest on. But since there is no site, these are now insignificant.

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