Ospharma.com Review – Mexican Site with a Low Safety Rating

Ospharma.com Front
Ospharma.com Front

Ospharma.com is another Mexico-based online pharmacy, which aims to provide cheaper medication to the general public. Unlike the other Mexico-based online pharmacies I’ve been to, ospharma.com does not have its own physical pharmacy. This store mainly sources its meds from “high-quality” drugs suppliers in Mexico, and also from other “multi-national” sources which meet the WHO’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The site offers these meds at the lowest prices possible.

Ospharma.com has a large database of medicines available, although the clients would have to search the site in order to know if the products they are looking for are available. The site offers a wide range of Rx and OTC meds, and offers the brand and generic versions of almost every drug.

The company requires the clients to provide their legal/authentic prescriptions when ordering, as it will not process orders without the proper Rx (for Rx orders). Products are only shipped out of ospharma.com’s facility upon the receipt of the needed prescriptions, which are required to be sent either thru fax or mail. As for the shipping fee, the pharmacy charges $17.50 for each transaction weighing up to 500 grams. The site charges another $17.50 for orders which will exceed the 500 g limit. I was surprised though that the site charges $45.50-$50 for EMS shipping for international clients (500-1000 g limit) and did not indicate it in the information section. I only had knowledge regarding it during my mock-checkout.

I was able to find Erectile Dysfunction meds in this site, and ospharma.com offers both the branded and generic variants of the drugs. The site has the famous Viagra by Pfizer and sells it for $32.69 per tablet. The site has other options too, for clients who wish to purchase cheaper variants of the drug. The generic 100 mg counterpart of Viagra is sold at $1.29 each (retail) but gets cheaper when bought in larger amounts. As for the other famed ED medication, Cialis by Eli Lilly, the site has it on SALE at $23.94 from the regular $33.51. There are also cheaper counterparts for the drug, and the generic 20-mg soft tab costs at only $2.45. These medications may be paid for using Banamex (one of the site’s new payment methods) and Visa.

Ospharma.com does not allow client returns of its products. In the event the clients receive defective products or wrong orders, the site instructs clients to destroy the package and await reshipment or refund by the site. As for non-delivered and detained orders, the pharmacy is able to give refunds or reshipments, depending on the client preference.

The site has an online chat function, but was offline at the moment I have paid the site a visit. Ospharma.com may be contacted through other means too. The site has an e-mail function ingrained it, and may also be called at +1-866-252-2104.

OsPharma Reviews:

As for the reviews, there were none found for the Mexican site. I was expecting to find at least one, but I think I was so out of luck that there isn’t even one existing review for this site. Well, that loss just says a lot about the site. Any site without any review whatsoever is just plain dubious to me.

Os Pharma Reviews 2016:

Os Pharma Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Os Pharma Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Ospharma.com was rated by scamadviser.com as 30% safe, and said that the site “might be suspicious”. I wouldn’t trust a site having a mere 30% safety rating to handle my orders especially that the site was listed as a Rogue pharmacy and has reports of malware linked to it. I would not entrust my money in the likes of this site.

Ospharma.com Coupon Codes:

Best Deals for Ospharma.com on the Internet
Best Deals for Ospharma.com on the Internet

This site’s promotions are linked to its new payment option, BANAMEX. Ospharma.com offers unspecified “additional discounts” and freebies. According to the site, clients who pay thru Banamex can avail free shipping if their orders exceed the $100 limit. There is also an option for cheaper shipping for clients who pay thru Banamex. The prices by this site are good, but I can’t recommend a site without client reviews.

Ospharma.com was also rated a meager 30% by Scam Adviser, indicating that it is potentially unsafe dealing with this site, especially since the site was linked to a number of malware reports in the recent years. I encourage clients to just stay away from the site and look for other sites to order from.


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