Osta-apteekki.com Review – Unreliable Medication Vendor

Home page of Osta-apteekki.com
Home page of Osta-apteekki.com

Today I am going to review Osta-Apteekki.com online pharmacy. Unlike many other pharmacies I have previously reviewed, this online pharmacy has been operating since 2013 and has been under operation for 3 years now. After researching, I got to know that the pharmacy’s operating location is Moscow, Russia, however it has been offering its services in a number of countries including United States and United Kingdom.

This online pharmacy is selling a number of drugs including Viagra and Cialis. The price of Brand Viagra is $6.2 and the price of Cialis Jelly is $2.88. No information is provided about whether the medicines offered by Osta Apteeki are FDA approved or not.

Osta Apteeki offers a number of payment methods to its customers including MasterCard, VISA, Dinners Club, JCB, etc. No information is provided about the shipping cost and even there is a question regarding the shipping cost in FAQ, but no answer is given to that question. Along with that, no information about the delivery methods is given as well. When I tried to check out, I found out that shipping is free if I buy more than 20 pills. Shipping charge for express delivery will be 26 Euros.

Live chat feature is not available on the website, however you can contact them by calling at their number +46 20-791-751. If you are from UK, you can use this number +44 203-608-1340. If you are from Canada or USA, use this number +1 888-524-714. You can also contact them by filling the online form; I have sent the message but haven’t got reply till now.

Osta-apteekki.com Reviews:

No reviews, neither positive nor positive, are found about this Osta Apteeki online pharmacy, so it is hard to tell whether this pharmacy provides a reliable service or not. Customer reviews are the key to know about whether the pharmacy is offering reliable and trustworthy services or not. As this pharmacy has no reviews, I definitely do not recommend you to make a purchase from Osta-apteekki.com.

This pharmacy is an unreliable vendor of medicines and no information about the FDA approval products is given, so it is better not to trust this website. However if you still want to try the services of this pharmacy, it is wise to go for a trial sample order, as there is no risk involved in purchasing from Osta-apteekki.co. Scam advisor have mentioned this pharmacy to be 48 percent safe and this means that you have to be cautious while making a purchase of medicines from this website.

Osta-apteekki Reviews 2016:

I have checked the Osta Apteeki online pharmacy on the scam advisor to know whether this website is safe to use or not in terms of safe transactions and found out that this website involves some sort of risk and only 48.2 percent safe. You should be cautious while purchasing from Osta-apteekki.com.

You can see the screenshot below which clearly describes that the site involves a high-risk country. This means that the Osta Apteeki website is United States based, but is operated from the Russian Federation. This country involves high risk, so I would not recommend using this website for purchasing the medicine and drugs.

This website have a few visitors every week, as is mentioned by the scam advisor which shows the very less popularity factor and so high risk involved. I am going to search for more reliable online pharmacies instead of this. This website involves risk factor, so – be careful.

Osta-apteekki.com Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Osta-apteekki.com Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Osta Apteekki Coupon Codes:

Saving is needed important and people always look for the discounts and coupon codes offered by the stores no matter what they are purchasing. The same goes for the online pharmacies as well as people also need to know if the pharmacy is offering discounts and coupon codes. But I am afraid to tell that no discounts or coupon codes are available at Osta-apteekki.com, so you have to purchase the medicines at full price. They do offer a free shipping if you are buying more than 20 pills of Viagra or its alternatives.

If you need some discounts or savings on medicines you purchase, it is recommended to look for some other websites and online pharmacies which are offering coupon codes to its customers. I am certainly going for a pharmacy which is at least offering some savings for its returning customers as I cannot afford such an expensive medicine supply.

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