Ourmeds.org is Now Closed: What’s the Next Best Option?

Ourmeds.org is now reduced to a government-seized domain, from being an online shop which functioned for years. The United States Customs Department’s Homeland Security Investigations issued a warrant for Ourmeds.org due to the store’s proven violation of the federal law. Based on this notice from the court, Ourmeds.org was found in violation of copyright infringement laws and its overt illegal product selling activity.

Ourmeds.org has been Seized by ICE
Ourmeds.org has been Seized by ICE

According to this notice, Ourmeds.org and its operators may be fined with hundreds of thousands of dollars up to millions in fines, plus long-term jail time. There is no finite ruling advertised on Ourmeds.org, but the store seems to have suffered financial loss and its operators may have been detained when caught, although we’re not too sure, since most online operators and domain owners may have learned to evade before getting caught red-handed.

Ourmeds.org History

The store Ourmeds.org was just another online store with a goal of promoting generic products for various medical needs, from asthma to conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and other medical concerns. The products found on Ourmeds.org are low-cost because most of them are generic counterparts of the brand-name medications. A good example of how low the product costs were was the Ourmeds.org price for Clomid ($0.45 per pill), Viagra ($1.85 per pill), and Cialis ($1.75).

Ourmeds.org Main Page
Ourmeds.org Main Page

Like almost all of the online shops on the web, Ourmeds.org then claimed to be the “leader” in the pharmacy business in providing high-quality products, “on-time delivery”, and competent customer support. There was no definite information regarding the start of the service of Ourmeds.org, but the earliest record available for the shop was from 2010 and then the store stopped having archived information about 2014. Today, Ourmeds.org remains an invalid domain with a crime-tainted history. We’re not really sure how online stores get back from being a seized enterprise, but somehow, some of the businesses were able to return to the online scene. For Ourmeds.org, however, we’re not so sure.

Ourmeds.org Alternatives

It’s obvious that there are loads of other online shops we can consider to replace the lost Ourmeds.org, but it is also considerable that buying online involves risk. Not all online pharmacies are reliable and trustworthy, and some stores are literally bogus or scam sites waiting to prey on the gullible clients. For this reason, you have to be very careful in selecting your online store replacement for Ourmeds.org, as there are a lot of online store “traps” waiting for clients.

Due to that particular concern, we presented online stores which we think are capable of serving you properly. We have a list of online pharmacies you can use in lieu of the now-gone Ourmeds.org. You may have heard of most of these stores, or some of them may sound entirely new, but you can be assured that these online shops are capable of giving excellent service and good prices. Ourmeds.org may have been seized, but you can always find a reliable online store to take its place.

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