Oxs-Pharmacy.com Review – Unverified Online Pharmacy Based in China

Home Page of Oxs-Pharmacy.com
Home Page of Oxs-Pharmacy.com

Today, I am going to review Oxs-Pharmacy.com. Since the prices of meds keep rising every year, more and more consumers are looking into other options to buy their meds from, such as online pharmacies selling generic equals of brand meds. In this respect, generic ED meds have been very popular with consumers i.e., men experiencing impotence, erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problem with growing age.

Oxs-Pharmacy.com doesn’t mention where it is based and for how long it has been in service. Regarding the products, it’s been mentioned in the e-med shop’s header that the meds sold here are FDA approved. When I asked the customer care representative whether the generic meds were from India or from USA, I was told that these meds are from numerous warehouses based in Europe, India, Belgium, etc. Meds are available here under the following categories related to Health conditions: Allergy, Anti Fungal, Anti Viral, Anti-Depressants, Antibacterial, Antibiotics, Arthritis, Asthma, Bestsellers, Birth Control, Blood Pressure, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Diuretics, Gastro Health, Muscle Relaxant, Pain Relief, Sleeping Aids, Skin Care, Women’s Health, Weight Loss, etc. When I checked around I was able to locate ED meds in the following categories: Erectile Dysfunction, Men’s ED Packs, Men’s Health, Penis Enlargement, Herbals, Best Sellers. I browsed the ED products and found brand as well as generic versions. I am listing the names of some of the most common and popular meds and their prices underneath:

Generic Viagra (25 mg) – 10 pills cost $20.60 ($2.06 per pill)

Brand Viagra (100 mg) – 12 pills cost $95.64 ($7.97 per pill)

Generic Cialis (10 mg ) – 10 pills cost $25.40 ($2.54 per pill)

Brand Cialis (20 mg) – 12 pills cost $85.44 ($7.12 per pill)

All these meds are available in various strengths and purchase options. The accepted method of payment is credit card: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and E-Checks.

The shipping methods, prices and timelines are as follows:

EMS delivery through Express Mail (with Online Tracking). It costs $30 and reaches in 5-9 days. Standard – Registered AirMail Delivery (without online tracking). It costs $10 and reaches in 14 – 21 days.

You can get in touch with the customer care representatives at the following numbers:

US toll free: + 1 888 524 7141, UK: +44 808 189 1420

Live Chat: I used this method to see if there was indeed 24/7 support or not. I was promptly connected to the customer support representative but the session timed out unexpectedly.

Submission Form: You can submit a query that you have through the submission form given on the site.

In case a customer isn’t satisfied with a delivered product, he/she can request a refund after returning the product. Once the returned product is received by the customer care department, the refund process will be initiated.

Oxs-Pharmacy.com Reviews:

If you want to know how well a product or service is doing, look into customer reviews, provided they are genuine. Popular ED meds at Oxs Pharmacy are accompanied with customer reviews.

For instance, a customer named Simione Sanchez Dony from Madrid thanked the pharmacy for the unbelievably fast service, according to her:“Just received the package this morning, I havn’t tried the pills yet but I just want to thank the site for such a fast delivery! Thank you and I’ll get back after I try the pills!” (22-Dec-2015). Another customer, Belmiro Granjeia described his experience with Cialis 20 mg as: “… I was thrilled to discover this one. They sell finest quality Cialis 40 mg and make sure you get it as soon as you need, which in my case was just a couple of days. Great job, I am definitely coming back” (posted on 22 Sep, 2015). You can read these and many reviews through the link provided at the end of this snapshot:

Oxs-Pharmacy.com Reviews
Oxs-Pharmacy.com Reviews

You can very well see that all these reviews are extremely positive and upbeat and accompanied, with 4-5 star rating at least. This is indeed hard to believe as medicines can help but they certainly can’t perform miracles. So overtly positive reviews and not even one single skeptical one is what make me suspicious. In this case, Oxs-Pharmacy.com positive reviews are found only on its own website and not on other independent pharmacy reviewing site or forum. So I am suspecting that the online pharmacy paid some people to write these positive reviews as part of their self-promotional content.

Oxs Pharmacy Reviews 2016:

Scam Advisor is a surefire way to dig the dirt on any suspicious site; hence, it is a trustworthy source.

Safety Report of Oxs Pharmacy by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Oxs Pharmacy by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor found out that the e-pharmacy gives the impression that it’s based in France but may be operating out of China in actuality, which is considered a high-risk country. It’s a site that is not popular with visitors. Due to all these reasons, Scam Advisor considers this site as an unsafe one.

Oxs-Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

Free Pills Offer on Oxs-Pharmacy
Free Pills Offer on Oxs-Pharmacy

Most e-shops and pharmacies attach attractive saving and bonus offers with their merchandise in order to attract customers. At OXs Pharmacy, you get to see a gift icon right next to the shopping cart the moment you enter the site. When you click on the icon out of curiosity, you get to know that you will get two bonuses with every purchase i.e., free pills with every order and package delivery insurance. Then there are discount offers for returning customers i.e., a 10% discount on subsequent offers. Also, free shipping on orders over $200.

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