Review – No Information Available about this Suspended Company Main Page Main Page is a suspended website with very little or no information about its services. The website claimed to be a source of a large variety of prescription drug that was used to be present to the clients all the time. The company proudly said that it did not let its customers wait for a doctor and provided them with their required medicine with full privacy maintained. Because it also provided an option to ship the medicines to the customers’ addresses, they had the ease to get their drugs by just sitting at home. Pain Medicine used to accept different types of credit cards and ensured that a complete privacy would be maintained and the transactions would take place safely. The company dealt in medicines related to pain, men’s health, anxiety, depression, diabetes, skin care, weight loss, heartburn, headache and many other categories. I was unable to find the prices at which the store offered ED drugs because its website had been shut down.

Ordering a drug used to be quite simple as the customers just had to select the medicine and fill out the questionnaire. Different pharmacists licensed by the United States then reviewed the order placed and issued a prescription. The company also mentioned that it used FedEx Next Day Delivery to mail the medicines but the charges had not been mentioned. The company could be contacted by calling at a toll-free number i.e. 866-441-3579 or by initiating a live session. No information could be retrieved if the store sold FDA approved drugs or if it offered a refund policy to its customers. Reviews

After retrieving information about different aspects of, it was time to check whether the claims that this company used to make were true or not. The best way to know if a pharmacy is telling the truth about itself is to check what the customers who had personally tried the store out had to say about it. Hence, I checked the official website as well as the independent reviewing websites in order to check the reviews. I was not able to find any customer reviews regarding the operation of Pain Medicine that was quite surprising. I always suggest the customers never to try any online store that fails to present customer reviews for its authentication because there is a great possibility of it being fake. It is better to try out a store that has a confirmed reputation and is safe for ordering drugs online. Reviews 2017 had been disappointing so far as I was not able to find any customer reviews regarding this store in the previous years. After a little research, I came to know that the store also did not have any customer reviews given in the recent past. So, I decided to check Scamadviser for further guidance. Trust Rating Trust Rating

As per Scamadviser, Pain Medicine e-shop had been located in Germany but some part of it was working from Indonesia. It had been specifically mentioned that the working of this drug store involved a high-risk country therefore, it had not been recommended as a safe store for buying drugs. Safety Level Safety Level

As far as Scamner is concerned, it had given zero percent trust rating to this store after saying that it was recommended for browsing or buying drugs. Scamner also said that Pain Medicine was rarely visited by any customers. Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are essential to keep an online pharmacy working. Because the competition among the online pharmacies is always growing, it is the discount and coupon codes that differentiate the pharmacies from one another and make them more popular among the clients. Hence, I decided to check what kind of discount offers and coupon codes used to offer to its customers before it was shut down. After searching the whole website, I came to know that there were no discounts that this store used to provide to its customers. This was a particularly disappointing situation for me and for many other customers who used to look forward to saving some money. This can also justify the fact why Pain Medicine was not a popular website and was not visited by many customers.

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