Review – A Rogue Pharmacy to Be Avoided Design Design is one of those websites which would make you cringe when you know the reality. I would not have bothered even writing a review, but I feel, I owe an explanation as to why I dislike the website.

When you open the webpage, initially you might think it is a pharmacy based in Canada. But actually, its main location is still unconfirmed, with some sites mentioning it to be Netherlands and others – China. On their ‘about us’ page, they claim to be in business for the last 3 years, but actually, sites like Scamadviser and Userexp have tracked it to be just 2 months old. This is just the first of a series of lies told by this fraudulent pharmacy.

On further browsing, I saw that they offer a big range of products including antibiotics, ED drugs, antidepressants, birth controls, antihypertensives, diuretics, and hypoglycemic. However, their bestsellers as expected are ED drugs. Indeed, a pill of Viagra is priced at around $9 with the generic version Kamagra at $0.9 a pill. This seems cheap and a good value for money. Only, if it was true. They also stated that they import all their generic medications from India, which is all Indian FDA approved. They seemed to accept all forms of payment, including cards and even bitcoin. They also mentioned about the full refund and reshipped policy along with free airmail shipping in case of orders above $200. They have given a margin of around 20 days for parcels to reach you once ordered and also claim to be eligible for worldwide shipping. The site does not have a live chat, I tried to dial its US number, but no one answered the call, and there was not even an option to leave a voice message. Reviews:

Already feeling something fishy, I decided to check the testimonials section. There, I found quite a few people swearing off the website. Carmel, 28 years old mentions “I thank you very much for your kind and quick help.-all The best. Yours truly”. Another customer, Mrs. Antonetti, mentions that “you made the difference between life and death for me, God Bless you and all your clients.” Furthermore, Mark who is 33 years old just wanted to thank Perfect-medtabs as he had just received the product.

I could have believed them for a moment, but I realized that the comments, though positive, are not specific to Perfect-medtabs. So I decided to check, and to my surprise, I saw the same reviews copy pasted to various different scam websites. All the reviews mentioned are faked. This is most likely a rogue website, targeting innocent web surfers for their money. Reviews
Perfect-medtabs Reviews

Perfect-medtabs Reviews 2016:

I found further positive reviews and feedback for the site. Tom says “it is well worth the price, which is so good that you will never buy from another place again”. Likewise, Charlotte, 62 years old is really thankful to Perfect-medtabs. And says she already sees a difference in her daughter and that Perfect-medtabs is God’s angel walking this earth. Seriously? Conversely, another customer, Kathy, is so impressed by them that she is thinking to start a fan club on Facebook. How pathetic! These people should have taken a class first on how to write a fake review that seem at least a bit trustworthy.

Again, I would like to point out that all these reviews are worded in such a manner that they are quite general and can be copy pasted to so many different websites. Likewise, I checked up the site on scamadviser and, as expected, the site is listed as risky and even the country of origin is unknown.

Reviews of
Reviews of Perfect Med Tabs Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

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Like any typical scam and fraudulent websites, Perfect-medtabs also offers discounts and free shipping to customers in order to attract people. They have offered free delivery, free sample and even 10 % off for a certain amount of time. Furthermore, they have free shipping on orders above $200. Do not be fooled by these publicity gimmicks if you value your money.

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