Review – Drug Shop with Low Trust Rating! Front Front is a pharmaceuticals’ vendor in the online pharmacy business. I am starting to think that this business might be profitable or lucrative enough, considering an amount of pharmacy sites flooding the web. This site is selling generic prescription and non-prescription medication and its offices are located in Trenton, New Jersey. The company started in 2015.

As advertises, it only sells generic medication. All the medications sold here (according to the site) are approved by the FDA of the manufacturing country (India). Though the site’s office is located in New Jersey, all the products come from India. The site does not ask its clients for prescriptions; these meds here are readily dispensed by the site without much ado. But, it is requested by for its clients to take the medications under their GPs’ supervision, in order to prevent unwanted negative drug interactions. has a handful of Erectile Dysfunction meds for its clients. I know that the site only has generic meds in its store; but from what I saw, the site has the photos of the brand-name meds instead of the actual generic medication photos (which is misleading). The store just has a few ED meds, but it has the essential ones—Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, namely. Sildenafil may be bought here at $50 for 30 pills, $85 for 60 pills, and $100 for 90 pills of the 100 mg variant. Tadalafil is sold here at $60 for 30 pills, $90 for 60 pills, and $108 for 90 pills for the 20 mg pills. These are absolutely cheap prices for these ED products. But since the site posted the wrong photos for each of the drugs, I am already having doubts about early on. is selling not only ED meds, but other kinds too, like anti-anxiety meds, weight-loss meds, pain relief, general health meds, and sleeping pills. But I have noticed that the site is selling Alprazolam and Diazepam, which are habit-forming medication, and are illegal to sell by unlicensed online stores. These meds shouldn’t be sold without prescriptions, as they are addictive and may pose health risks when used for self-medication.

With regards to the payment methods accepted by, major credit cards may be used by clients (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover). Shipping charged by the site is a flat rate of $25. As for the issues of lost parcels, the site is able to provide reshipments for clients and refunds too, if they choose. But damaged items or incomplete orders weren’t discussed by the site so it’s best to ask the site’s support regarding the topic. has online chat support, but when I visited, no operator was online. The store may also be contacted through its numbers: 1888-281-8194 (US) and 0800-249-4261 (UK), or e-mailed at [email protected] Reviews:

With regards to reviews, there were none available, even from the site itself. There were also no reviews of on the web. A site like this, having no reviews, is highly doubtful as their integrities aren’t established still.

Ph-Cart Reviews 2016:

Ph-Cart Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Ph-Cart Trust Rating by Scamadviser

It is odd that was located by Scam Adviser in either UK or Russia, instead of USA (which it professes to be in). It was also given a 0% rating by the site, considering that it has been linked to various high-risk websites. It is also only 241 days (at the time of this review), thus explaining the lack of reviews pertaining to it. As a client, I won’t even be considering to order from this site, due to its low rating.

Ph Cart Coupon Codes:

Like the reviews, coupon codes are also non-existent for There are no discount codes which can be used during checkout, and there are no discount schemes offered by this site. Even free shipping is unavailable for any amount of purchase.

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