Pharm4All Reviews – Well-Reviewed Website with Good Offers Gone Inaccessible Website Design Website Design is next on my list to review with its claims to sell high-quality generic medications at lowest rates. This store in particular operated for some years but has recently ended its service. is the United States based online provider of both generic and branded medications which is in this business since 2003. The company offered the high-quality meds that were deemed effective for the patients and with minimal side effects.

The offers various lines of medications including ones for asthma, hypertension, diabetes, HIV, antibiotics, anti-depressants and various others including the Ed pills. The home page of this pharmacy contains different ED pills including generic Viagra with the price of $0.81, generic Cialis with the price of $1.32 and various others at discounted rates. It is not mentioned that this pharmacy offers FDA approved medications or not, but it is mentioned that offers quality assured medications.

The store promises to provide its customers with the secure payment platform with the credit cards. Moreover, this pharmacy offers the worldwide shipping by the means of International Unregistered Mail with about 2-3 weeks delivery time and via Courier service at the rate of $20 within the time period of 5-9 days. It is assured that the shipping via international airmail is free of cost and is completely safe within the discreet packaging.

Moreover, the company does not offer any kinds of returns and refunds even the package remains unopened. For further information, buyers contacted this store using its US number at 1 866 417 5821 and its UK number at +44 203 011 0298. Since this store’s now inaccessible, these numbers are now unreachable. Reviews

Besides all this information, there are number of factors the purchaser needs to look in order to find out whether the company is genuine or not. So, the customer reviews are counted among such factors that can help to decide whether to trust a company or not. So, I made my research to find the customer reviews about

Fortunately, my research bore a good result and numbers of customer reviews were found on the internet. Reviews Reviews

According to Rhinorush76, who made a review about about 2 years ago, “Very good. No issues. Just ordered again.”

According to another review made by Connie, “ I have been using for over 3 years and have never had a significant problem with them so far. They have changed their domain about a year and a half ago from the .com t the .net but it’s the same bunch of people and they’ve been around for donkeys years. Any products that I’ve ordered in the time I’ve been a customer have worked just like the brand name version and prices are the lowest I’ve found anywhere online, at least for antibiotics and erectile dysfunction medications.” further, he added, “delivery time can be little varied and whereas my orders usually arrive within a week to ten days, there was a couple of times where it was 2-3 weeks before I received the delivery but as indicated from the postal stamp. This was due to the carrier. The customer support team have always been very helpful anytime I contacted them for an update on the order to ask a question. They usually throw in a few sample Viagra or Cialis pills which is a nice surprise when you are not expecting it.”

Pharm4All Reviews 2016

According to the previous reviews that I found on the internet, is quite a good pharmacy offering good quality meds at affordable rates along with good customer service. External web review platforms all point out that the store Pharm 4 All is reliable. Reputation Reputation

The overall reputation of the company is good. Customer reviews that I found on different sites are quite satisfying ensuring the reputation of the company. As you can see, the average for the shop’s service rating was 4.5 out of 5—not bad considering this was the average of 70 reviews for the store. Coupon Codes

Being in the digital world, there is so much competition among the online pharmacies out there. So, that is the reason, various competitive sites constantly look for the ways to get more and more customers to increase their sales. Deals! Deals

Just like other pharmacies, had enticing deals for its customers. Pharm 4 All offered coupon codes and discount vouchers to their customers so that they can buy their meds at lowest prices. The same offer is available at; according to its offer, the customers would be able to get 5%, 6%, 7% and 8% discounts over 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th re-orders respectively.

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