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Even though I was able to access the shop for several times before the store became inaccessible. Before, I was able to browse the contents of the store—today, there was nothing in the store except for error messages from the hosting company stating that the domain Pharmacy-Express is forbidden. Because of this, I had to think of other ways to access former data from PharmacyExpress for me to be able to evaluate despite its closed status. closed down without a warning and there were no clues left on the web concerning its closure. Since there was no seized domain message from the US government, I am led to believe that the store closed on its own terms. The store may have lost its claim for the domain or its registry has expired, or the domain may have gone out of business and closed down due to unprofitability. The possibilities are limitless, so I can’t really pinpoint the exact cause of the shop’s closure.

Looking back on the details for Pharmacy-Express, the store started its service during 2003, although the shop had its archived records available in 2008 and onwards. The store was a typical online pharmacy with stocks of medications for various uses; the store sold medications for hypertension, cardiovascular concerns, urinary, general health, sexual health, and other medical considerations. According to the web archive data for, the most popular products on the shop were mostly meds for treating male impotence, such as generic Viagra (the first and most popular impotence medication), generic Cialis, and generic Levitra, plus other variations of these iconic drugs, such as the soft version and others. Concerning the prices, Pharmacy Express sold the famed generic Viagra/Sildenafil 100 mg for as low as $1.20 per pill, the generic Cialis/Tadalafil 20 mg for as low as $2.05 per pill, and the generic Levitra/Vardenafil for as low as $3.40 per pill. According to the info on, all of its products were from “respectable Indian pharmaceutical plants” and were all approved by the Indian FDA, even for export. There was no need for buyers to provide their prescriptions for any of the products of the store since the shop allowed the dispensing of any Rx medicine on the store without the need for written prescriptions.

The shipping costs asked by from its clients were variable. Depending on the preferred courier and the number of pills ordered by clients, Pharmacy-Express charged shipping from $12 to $36. As for the payments, the store accepted only credit card payments.

Regarding refunds, the store did not state specifically if the store did refunds for lost orders or damaged products. However, stated that if its clients were eligible for refunds, the store will process the refunds back to the clients’ accounts. Pharmacy-Express was contacted using the phone numbers and the messaging function available on the store. Reviews

External site reviews were unavailable for, which signposts the unpopularity of the store amongst users. Even if the store ran for several years, the store did not have external comments or reviews for its service, which was rather odd for an online pharmacy with a long selling history. Feedback Feedback

But, as was typical with online pharmacies, despite having no reviews, did have on-site comments for its service. One such review retrieved for was from Bill E, who commented on how effective the Viagra product he ordered from Pharmacy-Express was.

However, even if the store had various similarly good comments posted on its domain, the integrity of these comments was questionable and therefore the reviews were untrustworthy. Reviews 2016

Pharmacy-Express closed down during the recent years so there were really no available comments for on the web. In order to unearth more information about the store, I tried using several web platforms to instigate a check for Pharmacy-Express. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The result from Scam Adviser for was good, as the store was rated with a safety score of 76 out of 100. According to the Scam Adviser analysis, Pharmacy-Express was a new site with hidden owner data, but the store was still given a positive score by the analysis platform. Safety Information Safety Information

As for the result for from Scamner, the store was rated with a zero score out of 100. Scamner reported that the shop was without a security certificate and its domain was only registered for more or less a year. The store was also identified to have its owner’s details hidden using a specific service. Due to the bad report from Pharmacy Express, the clients were ill advised to transact with the shop. Coupon Codes

Since the archived records for Pharmacy-Express were available, I had the opportunity to check if there were available coupons on the store. There were none, though, and the shop explicitly stated that it had no discount offers accessible by the clients. PharmacyExpress did not offer the typically seen discounts, freebies, and free shipping common to online pharmacies.

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