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Pharmacy Express is yet another large online pharmacy network involving a significant number of virtual pharmacy domains affiliated with it. I came across several “Pharmacy Express” website-named virtual pharmacies, when I revisited them recently, most of them are still online and carry the same products and technically identical data.

Web pharmacy networks such as Pharmacy Express are only meant to gather as much traffic and buyer orders as possible via its numerous affiliate sites. Although most online pharmacies are legitimately operating, nefarious entities/scammers take the opportunity to replicate the benign sites to catch some of their buyer traffic. Because scammers and crime operators emulate the real stores by creating fake yet similar sites, buyers end up losing their money. This means that though some pharmacy network websites are real, there is also a considerable risk in dealing with members of any specific pharmacy network due to scammer activity on the web.

Pharmacy Express Reviews

The web pharmacy network, Pharmacy Express, has a lot of available reviews online from its loyal customers. I was expecting complaints about the shop’s service, but I ended up seeing good reports from former clients and repeat buyers. Here are some of the examples of the consumer reviews available for the store network:

Pharmacy Express Customers Experience
Pharmacy Express Customers Experience

Jason thanked one of the Pharmacy Express websites for successfully shipping his Viagra pill orders. He also described how effective the pills were and exclaimed about how satisfied he was with the drug’s effect.

Tim, another consumer, was grateful with his Pharmacy Express purchase for impotence pills. According to him, the meds were effective and gave him no side effects. Tim also appreciated the low prices for these products on Pharmacy Express.

Consumers seem to love the low prices of the products sold by Pharmacy Express stores. Pedro, like Tim, was grateful for his purchase and was glad that he got the items in just two weeks.

Pharmacy Express Customers Rating
Pharmacy Express Customers Rating

One of the websites included in the Pharmacy Express network, had a 5-star rating for its service from one external assessment website, More details for the assessment place the particular store at a 73/100 score, which was higher than the average ratings for other web pharmacies.

Pharmacy Express Online

The Pharmacy Express online stores are still accessible on the web and are still catering to international consumers, shipping low-cost generic medications for various medical conditions. Two of these sites are (now and

We can witness that all online pharmacy networks have the same store names. These stores have another focal trait, the “Pharmacy Express” label on each of their tabs. Pharmacy network sites having the same name, tab label, and template are a trademark, and these similarities are commonly observed in various online pharmacy network stores.


Pharmacy Express ( Home Page has recently moved to its new domain,, but still has the same hefty product lineup and the same good prices for the medications. This Pharmacy Express store operated from 2001 and is still up and running until now. This store is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to generic medications sources due to its reasonable prices, especially for the impotence treatments (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra).


Pharmacy Express ( Home Page is another Pharmacy Express store, and similar to, the store also has the same product lineup; it also delivers antibiotics, cholesterol meds, erectile dysfunction products, blood pressure management products, antidepressant meds, and various others. This store also has good prices for its medications; for instance, it has its generic Viagra drug for only $0.72 per pill and its Cialis for as low as $0.72 per pill. Market prices for these products are much higher, so you can indeed save in cost when choosing this store.

Pharmacy Express Coupon Codes

One of the Pharmacy Express networks generously offers coupon discounts to its consumers. has a 5% off coupon for the buyers, the code 5OFFATC, which may be used during checkout.

Pharmacy Express Coupon Code
Pharmacy Express Coupon Code

Consumers can use this code until December 2017 and can avail the consumers an additional 5% off on top of the present discounts they are able to avail from

Pharmacy Express Bonus Pills
Pharmacy Express Bonus Pills

The shops belonging to the Pharmacy Express network offers freebie pills on every purchase and also gave free airmail shipping for orders of at least 180 pills and free EMS shipping for orders of at least 360 pills. Besides the free pills and conditional free shipping, the stores also currently run a 20% discount on their select products, including the popular ones like Viagra and Cialis.

Pharmacy Express Phone Numbers

Another significant trait of Pharmacy Express stores is their unchanging phone numbers and other details. I was able to find the same contact numbers on all three Pharmacy Express shops I presented today:

Toll-Free Phone: +1-317-4890699
Working hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm Eastern Time Zone (ET UTC-05:00)

You can find the same contact details for each Pharmacy Express store, which indicates one central processing office.

Pharmacy Express Spam

Albeit some of the network pharmacies are involved in spam and scam activities, there were no reports of scam or spam for this network, Pharmacy Express, and its websites. This was great, considering only a few web pharmacy networks are without reports for illicit activities.

Because there are no bad reports for this network, it is considered safe to transact with the websites involved, such as and

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