Review – Another “Canadian” Store sans Reviews Home Home is another confusing site for clients with a different domain from the actual site’s name. It was weird that the site has “Canadian Drugstore” written all over it when its domain tells about another. How the sites manage to have two unlike names remain a mystery to me, but it sure tells that maybe something isn’t right with this website.

First of all, looks basic, and I think, its contents are probably identical to those sites I have seen prior to it. If the name implies where it is located, I’d say that the site is (perhaps) located in Canada; but based on my recent experiences when dealing with online shops, the name sometimes means nothing; this site may be located anywhere else. I just do not have any idea where, since this site does not say anything about itself, as there is no “About Us” page within it. Copyright was 2016 though, signifying that this site is somewhat new.

The categories of Pharmacy-Meds-365 for its drugs are numerous; the list probably has every medical condition in the book. But I am uninterested in seeing everything; I am particularly drawn to just the men’s health meds, of plainly, the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) meds. The site’s list for ED is long; there are a lot of variants offered for the ED drugs; which I think is nice. is selling both generic and branded, prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) medications. But I think this vendor is selling more prescriptions than the OTC ones because clients won’t tend to buy the OTCs here, as they can easily access them through their respective local pharmacies. I think the main selling point of the online pharmacies is that they can give unrestricted access to clients with regards the otherwise inaccessible prescription meds. Just my two cents, anyway.

Though there are branded ED meds here, the prices are still rather low. Clients can purchase Viagra by Pfizer here at $36.44 for 4 pieces of the common 100 mg dosage. Cialis, on the other hand, is set at $40.28 per 4 pieces of the 20 mg pill. This store is also selling ED trial packs for those who are undecided which ones to purchase; the 30-pill trial pack costs $58.74 and contains 10 pills each of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills. There are also sets containing Viagra/Cialis and Cialis/Levitra, depending on what the clients want to have.

For the shipping, in no different from the others in a sense that it also has two shipping options: EMS shipping for a 5-7 day delivery period, and Registered Airmail for 2-4 weeks of waiting. The shop charges $14.95 for the Airmail shipping but doesn’t disclose the price for the EMS delivery. There is also a $6.95 delivery insurance charge on top of the shipping fee, for guaranteed reshipments in cases of non-delivery of the orders. Products and the fees may be paid for using MasterCard, Visa, and Bitcoin payments. If in case there are unforeseen events like damages to the order or incomplete and missing orders, the site just advises for clients to contact it for the resolution. There is, however, no policy stated in the case of these losses, which is a disadvantage on the clients’ part. But since there is a delivery insurance payment, I think that Pharmacy-Meds-365 will be able to reship orders which were lost during transit. may be contacted through the form provided on the site and several phone numbers. This drugstore, however, does not have chat support for its clients, so I was unable to voice out my concerns regarding some of the products I was looking at. The numbers of the shop that may be called are the following:

Contact No. of
Contact No. of Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Leilani Ison thanked for being able to send her orders. Richard Nowik also confirmed that he received the products and also said that he will recommend the site to his friends.

Daniel Haroldsen was also one to confirm that he was able to receive what he ordered from the site. According to him, “everything was perfect”; the client even appreciated the site’s customer service and said in his review that he is going to reorder, and recommend the site with “total confidence”.

These were all fine reviews of the site from its clients, but were just found within the site; which makes them not too credible. There was no presence of substantial third party reviews, so there is no confirmation that these existing reviews are true. They are good to look at, but there is not much proof that they are real, more so from real people.

Pharmacy Meds 365 Reviews 2016:

Pharmacy Meds 365 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Pharmacy Meds 365 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Reviews from 2016 referring to are non-existent too. It is rather off that I was unable to find anything for the current year; not even client complaints or anything. The year is nearly ending, and there should have been at least one review referring to its service somehow; nevertheless, there are none.

As for’s review for the site, it was zero—nada, 0% safe, according to the result. This means that Pharmacy-Meds-365 is totally unsafe for client use; not only that the clients may be scammed, but that the clients may have their critical information compromised during the order process.

Pharmacy-Meds-365 Coupon Codes:

Best Deals for Pharmacy-Meds-365 on the Internet
Best Deals for Pharmacy-Meds-365 on the Internet

Free Airmail shipping is offered by for orders greater than $200, and Free EMS shipping is eligible for orders which are higher than $300. The site is also giving away free ED pills for every order, regardless of the order amount. As for vouchers and discounts, however, there are none.

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