Pharmacy Store Review – Web Pharmacy Network with Elusive Affiliates

Pharmacy Store is another example of an online pharmacy network or a network of internet pharmacies with a uniform store name and varying web domains. The “Pharmacy Store” network is unique, though, because unlike other pharmacy networks, the Pharmacy Store network is not as extensive. Pharmacy Network shops are quite elusive—you can’t find them so easily on the web.

Why do companies create pharmacy networks, anyway? Companies initiate the creation of pharmacy networks primarily to multiply sales. Pharmacies create multiple web stores bearing the same details for increased web exposure and increased sales traffic. Also, some companies generate multiple affiliate sites sometimes as “backup sites” in the case of unforeseen inconveniences along the way.

It is debated if pharmacy networks are legal or not—some actually are legal, while some operators are deliberately illegal. Most online pharmacy networks are declared “rogue” sites and most of them are non-compliant with the standards set for proper online web pharmacy operations. Also, despite the benign legal status of some online pharmacy networks, scammers tend to replicate the good sites and steal their buyers, placing a great risk for buyers to encounter scam sites instead of a legally operating pharmacy network affiliate.

Pharmacy Store Reviews

Instead of being able to view positive consumer reports for Pharmacy Store from external web sources, I only found this NABP/National Association of Boards of Pharmacy listing for Pharmacy Store:

Pharmacy Store in NABP List
Pharmacy Store in NABP List

NABP is one organization concerned with informing the public regarding the status of online pharmacies. With relation to its advocacy in recommending the closure of illicit websites, NABP published a list of “not recommended” online pharmacies which included web drugstores found non-compliant with the proper online pharmacy standards. Unfortunately, Pharmacy Store ( is one of them.

Pharmacy Store Trust Rating
Pharmacy Store Trust Rating

Since there is very little data for Pharmacy Store websites on the internet, I tried evaluating one of the existing Pharmacy Store shops ( using the platform Scam Adviser.

According to the result, Canadian Pharmacies Life/Pharmacy Store is a very new site (only hundred-plus days with an unknown reputation. Overall the store was given a score of 55/100 for its trust rating, and buyers were advised to deal with the shop with sheer caution.

Pharmacy Store Online

Since the Pharmacy Store network is not as extensive as the other online pharmacy networks, I had difficulty in searching stores with the “Pharmacy Store” name on them. I was able to come across three sites, though:

Canadian Pharmacies Life/Pharmacy Store Homepage
Canadian Pharmacies Life/Pharmacy Store Homepage

The most prominent among all Pharmacy Store websites is the one having the domain Although it is ambiguous to search using the keywords “Pharmacy Store”, this website is the one surfacing on search engine queries.

What is odd about is that the “Pharmacy Store” façade is only a front. When you click on its elements, you will be redirected to another website named Trust Pharmacy and has a domain of Pharmacy Store Home Page Pharmacy Store Home Page

Another affiliate website belonging to the Pharmacy Store network is the website This website also has the same contents as the previous online pharmacy, There is no significant difference in the contents of these pharmacies – the products are the same, as well as the prices and the store policies. Pharmacy Store Home Page Pharmacy Store Home Page

The store is another web network having the same website template as the two online pharmacies described earlier. This Pharmacy Network store also was no different than the other websites and it had the exact same contents as the other Pharmacy Store named online pharmacies.

Pharmacy Store Coupon Codes

The websites affiliated with the Pharmacy Store network are rather skimpy when it came to their buyer discounts, as the Pharmacy Network stores did not have fixed buyer deals to offer its consumers.

Pharmacy Store Shipping Discount
Pharmacy Store Shipping Discount

According to one banner graphic on Canadian Pharmacies Life/Pharmacy Store, it offers free global shipping on “99% of all orders”. I was unable to view the details since the shop redirects to

Pharmacy Store Free Shipping Offer
Pharmacy Store Free Shipping Offer (the one Canadian Pharmacies Life/Pharmacy Store redirects to) has a free shipping offer, but according to this banner, free shipping is only offered to buyers with orders more than $200 in total.

Pharmacy Store Bonus Pills
Pharmacy Store Bonus Pills

Offers of free pills are also available for all purchases, and the consumers have the liberty to select which products suit them. They can choose from the freebies Viagra 100 mg, Cialis 20 mg, or Levitra 20 mg (4 pills). For orders exceeding $200, a special 10% discount is also slashed from the order total.

Pharmacy Store Phone Numbers

Pharmacy Store has several phone numbers and this first contact number is from the shop


Address: 101 S Park Ave, Apopka, FL 32703

More phone numbers are also posted by the other shop, and here are the contact numbers for the store:



It is odd that the phone numbers do not match since usually, web pharmacy network numbers are uniform. Also, when I searched the numbers on the web I also found these numbers (especially the ones from Canadian Pharmacies Life) listed for other web stores which are not from the same pharmacy network.

Pharmacy Store Spam

There are no specific reports for Pharmacy Store spam activities and there are also no existing complaints about the pharmacy network. However, it is possible that the comments are drowned by the SEO-optimized results which take first place in search engine results.

Pharmacy Store Report
Pharmacy Store Report

Due to the lack of spam reports for Pharmacy Store, I looked into more specific details for one Pharmacy Store site result. According to the detailed account from Scam Adviser, the site has a short life expectancy and follows the pattern of illegal and counterfeit-selling pharmacy sites. Consumers are recommended to take precaution when dealing stores affiliated with Pharmacy Store.

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