Review – Janus-Faced Drug Store Front Front claims to be the leader in delivering medications throughout the world. Their goal is to provide medications at discount rates to everyone who is affected by high local prices. However, I wonder what kind of a leader doesn’t indicate where they lead from nor where they are located.

It only makes economic sense when a store to stock a myriad of prescriptions. This way the online clients have the chance of shopping under one roof. has unlimited range of medicines ranging from Anti-Biotics, Anti-Fungal, and Arthritis. They also have a slot for the men with ED. On this segment, they have Viagra selling at $437.76 for 360 pills While the same quantity of 20 mg pills of Cialis is vending at $536.26.

We all know that this is not true, but they go ahead and state that all generic medicines are FDA approved. Thus all products presented on their site are FDA approved. Who doesn’t acknowledge the existence of fake Chinese goods? Are they also FDA approved? That’s a story for another day.

However, they accept the following types of payment: Visa, AmEx, eCheck. Which seems like a nice thing but it would be better if they included even more. After ordering and paying, they give me the freedom to choose between Airmail where the standard delivery period is 2-3 weeks and EMS Courier Delivery’s where the waiting period is 3-8 business days. The Airmail costs $10 while EMS Courier Delivery will dent $20 in my purse.

Due to uncertainties during the dispatch and transit, the package can get destroyed or even worse go missing, what remedy do I have? The store will either resend the package free of charge or refund my payment.

Customer care is always the gateway any company and I tend to think that the way customer care treats their client is just a drop in the ocean of how the business operates. True to that I sent a live chat to the customer care, and, as expected, I am yet to get any sign of a reply.

Contact to Customer Service Representative on Pharmacy-Tabs-Online
Contact to Customer Service Representative on Pharmacy-Tabs-Online Reviews:

I must begin the reviews section by saying that I am utterly disgusted by the fact that I was hit by a myriad of copy pasted reviews which are synonymous from other sites. That is just totally unacceptable and the best display of laziness and lack of creativity. I mean any serious shop should afford to hire a professional copywriter to handle their content. Fake reviews only go a long way to show hypocrisy or stupidity of any site or even better abuse of common sense.

Take for example of Samuel from Spain who lies that he got his order and it seems to work well.

Jackson from Italy was also bitten by the lying bug and laments that he initially thought that the site was a scam (of course, it is !) and jokingly needs the store to send him girls. Come one ladies don’t like liars Jackson. John from Sweden appears to be the biggest liar as he “notes” that the stores’ medications were safe and no prescription was required. John is the first person I am seeing get excited about receiving medicine without a prescription.

To me, this site is a scam, and I stand my ground. If anyone feels otherwise about the site is free Reviews Reviews

Pharmacy-Tabs-Online Reviews 2016:

It’s refreshing to note that shares the same opinion with me. They warn you that this site meets the threshold of a rogue internet pharmacy and does not meet the internet verification standards of a legitimate pharmaceutical store.

Reputation analysis of Pharmacy-Tabs-Online by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Pharmacy-Tabs-Online by LegitScript

What a better way to close the chapter my getting the backing of who issues a buying advisory on the site by awarding a low trust rating to the site. They also note that the site is located in Netherlands but have another foot in Turkey.

Pharmacy-Tabs-Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Pharmacy-Tabs-Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Pharmacy Tabs Online Coupon Codes: is offering their clients offers to ruin them into falling prey. No one hates discounts, but if it is a leeway to losing my money, I better abstain from it altogether.

The first order advertised comes with free Viagra pills on ED pills that I purchase.

Secondly, they will “ship” my order without a charge if it exceeds $200.

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