Review – Suspicious Website Selling Men’s Products! Front Front offers a wide range of medicines from Antibiotics and Birth Control to Muscle Relaxants and Hair loss, but purports to specialize in Erectile Dysfunction drugs on the basis of sales and positive remarks. The safety and quality of each of the medicine is insured and shipped worldwide with FDA authorization which is why a prescription is highly recommended but not necessarily required before placing orders of any type of medication on the website.

I have found the general cost of the medicines to be fairly cheap as the price of a generic version of Viagra is $0.36.Payment of the orders is confined to Visa, AmEx, and eCheck for which an advanced security encryption technology is utilized to safeguard billing and credit card information.

Two shipping methods are available. Customers can either choose AirMail, which takes 2-3 weeks in delivery and charges $10 or go for EMS Courier Delivery and get your order in 3-8 business days for $20. However, AirMail is preferred due to the unavailability of this particulars service in a number of countries and areas. An appreciable point I mentioned is that the package is free of customs charges and kept completely obscure, with no private information including the price of the order mentioned on it. In cases of unsatisfactory shipment or a mishap, refunds and new deliveries are offered without additional money for compensation. Although the website promises quick service, it mentions how the possibility of a late arrival is there because of the delay in customs.The customer care service is below the line as direct even though direct contact option is there along with the alternative of leaving a message in the Contact us section. US clients can call at +1- 760-284-3222 while EU customers can talk at +4420-328-3820. But the toll-free facility is not granted with the calls and they might just turn out to be expensive. Live Chat is not provided. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Jonathon from France was overwhelmed by his experience with the website and says “ I have received the order and I am extremely pleased with the service and the pills. Many thanks!”

Christian from France too comments “Fantastic customer service, thank you, will shopworn you again…”Denis Powell from Germany juxtaposes his earlier online pharmacy experiences with this recent one and expresses his happiness in detail in the words “I have had an unsatisfactory experience with some pharmacies. I just wish I found have found you earlier!”

Most of the reviews displayed on this website recommend the products and service. The customers have shared accounts describing their gratification and decision of sticking to the website for any further orders. However, the image of the deteriorated when the exact same comments from different people with no modification were found elsewhere in websites of other pharmacies. Nonetheless, the website fools people into purchasing their products and maximizing their own sales through plagiarized, false accounts. Web sites, which are involved in such odious crimes, are enlisted as dubious or a scam without any second thought and should not be trusted.

Pharmacy 24 Top Pills Reviews 2016:

Pharmacy 24 Top Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Pharmacy 24 Top Pills Trust Rating by Scamadviser

After the discovery of fraud in the comments section on the website, looking for comments and reviews from 2016 was not really necessary, though if you do try to check it anyway, you will not be successful because they are anywhere to be found. Consequently, a mandatory check through had to be done for further information on this online pharmacy before any conclusion. With the low popularity and 0% level of trust, it is safe to say trusting is a big risk. The numbers of orders too is very less as suggested by The check, moreover, provided with the website’s location – Lithuania- which is not given on the website itself for some reason.

Pharmacy24-Top-Pills Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Pharmacy24-Top-Pills
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on Pharmacy24-Top-Pills

The discount and coupon section of the website is actually very limited with rarely any offers available. There are only two listed offers. One offers free shipping on orders with any type of medicines which are exceeding $200. The second one is considerably far more captivating offering Viagra pills for free with every order even though the price of order and number of pills given is not given. Customers with orders having costs over $200 might just enjoy the advantages of both the deals as they are provided not only with shipment free of any charges but extra medicines without additional expenses. This offer might just attract a good number of customers as they can enjoy double benefits with just the purchase of their usual drugs.

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