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Okay, I think I can probably call—I think the site is titled “Canadian Healthcare”?—a scam just from their domain name, I don’t think anyone would ever self-describe themselves as a “Pharmacy Fan” and anyways it just has the ring of being one domain name among hundreds of registered and belonging to a scam company. Besides that, there’s the layout, which of course is the same layout of ever scam pharmacy in history.

I’m guessing from the “Canadian Healthcare” title that they want you to believe that they operate out of Canada, but I have yet to see a company that claims this and actually have it be true. According to my research, the domain name was registered a year ago, so that’s approximately how long they’ve been in “business.”

Their main assortment is the typical “everything,” but they definitely specialize in pulling in customers looking for ED drugs. Viagra is currently going at the definitely-too-good-to-be-true $0.35 a pill, while Cialis is at $0.77 a pill, also too good to be true. If only I could trust these prices, my sex life would be set, or at least my wallet. Accepted payment methods are the familiar Mastercard or Visa, and then additionally Bitcoin.

They offer two shipping methods: Trackable Courier Service—$14.95—or International Registered Airmail, for $24.95. But let’s be real here: they’re not going to ship you the drugs.

The only customer service option available is an online form. I submitted a request to see if it was legitimate (ha), but I have yet to receive a response.

Refunds look like apply only to cancellations—before the order is shipped. Not so good. Reviews:

There was no local area to input reviews on the site, so there was nothing to be found in the reviews department there. They didn’t even bother to fake some testimonials to dupe would-be victims.

I don’t trust any website that doesn’t allow it’s users to input reviews. There are very few legitimate web-based stores in any field that neglect to put in a review option, for obvious reasons. Most business need those to run. The absence of reviews definitely heavily suggests that the site is a scam (as does everything else about it).

PharmacyFan Reviews 2016:

I was able to find some external information, however. Website ranker gives pharmacyfan.

Then, my trusty anti-scam friend Scam Advisor does what it does best, outing scams. It gives the site a “Low Trust” rating, putting it all the way at “0%.” It doesn’t get much scammier than that, people. Scam Advisor is reliable website for discerning those not-so-reliable sites, and here it’s caught another one. I don’t know what I would do without it.

So, again, my instincts were correct right off the bat. Not that it takes all that much to see that this ramshackle outfit is a scam. I would bet that almost any English speaker could take a quick look at this website and figure that within a minute or two.

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Pharmacy Fan Reviews Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes:

I wasn’t able to find any actual coupons, but in the order page I did find some special things they (claim to) do. They offer free Airmail delivery on all orders over $200.00, and free trackable Courier delivery on any order over $300.00. They also offer free “Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra for every order,” and this leaves me wondering if it’s just for ED medication orders or for every medication order ever, which would be utterly bizarre.

Anyways, it doesn’t really matter what special stuff they offer, because I’m going to strongly advise you to stay away regardless, and I would be very surprised if anyone read this review and then got taken in by a pretty high-threshold free shipping option.

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