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Another addition to my list of online pharmacies is which is selling mostly generic medication and has the aim to provide clients with cheaper medicine without the hassle of obtaining the meds from the local pharmacies. The online pharmacy has been on the web for 2 years, and that’s only as far as I was able to find out because the site did not have any information as to what country it’s based or what countries it preferably serves.

It was mentioned in its information page that is an online pharmacy with generic medication, and does not ask for its client prescriptions for OTCs in order for them to make purchases. As for the Rx meds, this site requires that the clients secure prescriptions from the local doctors and submit them before being able to order the meds. This is not as lenient as other sites, but I like that asks for prescriptions for the Rx meds because that is a legal procedure for obtaining the Rx meds.

There was no remark regarding the FDA approvals of all the medications being sold here, but assures its clients that all the drugs found here are 100% authentic and produced by genuine pharmaceutical companies. As for the drug lineup, this store sells only drugs in a handful of categories namely Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Smoking Cessation, and Anti-anxiety. Aside from those medical classes, there are none else.

Although the drug lineup of is unlike the other sites’ long list, it has Erectile Dysfunction meds available (which is the main reason for my site wanderings). The products are generics here, so I was expecting that the meds are affordable enough. $32.90 is the site’s price for Generic Viagra, for 10 pills of the 100 mg pack. Generic Cialis is not far from Sildenafil’s pricing, as the site sells it for $33 for a pack of 10, 20 mg pills. The site, however, does not have Vardenafil available but has a number of generic analogs for Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Shipping fees are waived for orders which will exceed $150; but when orders don’t, the site charges a flat rate of $18 on all orders. As for the payments, the site accepts e-checks alone, but gives the clients an additional 20% off for using this payment option. With regards to receipt of damaged orders or non-deliveries, the site is willing to reship but under no circumstance refund payments for the orders. has chat support for answering inquiries but was offline during my visit. The pharmacy may also be called at its Skype number: +13474804257 or emailed using the message box in the site’s contact section. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

I was able to find a few reviews for from Beck Martin (November 27, 2014) gave the site 3/5 stars, and said that that it is a “nice online pharmacy store”. According to the client, the site was able to deliver his order within 2 to 3 days, and with free shipping. The site had a positive impact in his personal life, as can be inferred in his review.

Eric Vaquezz from USA (posted September 7, 2015) said that he preferred this site price-wise as the products offered in are generally cheaper than the other sites’ pricing. He was able to order generic Viagra and Cialis from the site and seems to be well-pleased with his order as he rated the site 4 stars in his review.

PharmacyGlobalRx Reviews 2016:

Pharmacyglobalrx Reviews 2016
Pharmacyglobalrx Reviews 2016
Safety Report of Pharmacyglobalrx by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Pharmacyglobalrx by Scamadviser

Although the 2015 reviews for this site looked promising, the more recent reviews were mainly 1-star testimonials and from furious clients who were scammed by the site.

The user Scambody (posted August 7, 2016) said that he was scammed by

Client Pedro Sanchez (posted October 2016) said that he placed an order with this site about 2.5 months ago, and was still waiting for his order. The site gave him various excuses regarding the delay of his items, and recently, he wasn’t receiving any replies anymore. He warned the clients not to do any business with this company, or at least pay with credit or debit so the transaction may be canceled in case of fraud.

These reviews are disheartening, as I have thought that maybe I will be able to recommend this site for future clients; but I was wrong. These recent reviews reflect that the site isn’t capable of delivering the products to its clients.

Pharmacy Global Rx Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Pharmacy Global Rx
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Pharmacy Global Rx

Currently, offers 10% free pills on orders above 60 pills. The site has a free shipping banner indicating that fees are waived for orders greater than $90, but on the site, it was indicated that the shipping is free for $150 orders.

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