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The shop is one of the web’s longest running online stores as according to its details, Pharmacy Mall started its operations in 1997 and today has catered to about a million clients (and counting). The store specializes in the sale of various brand and generic medications. also claims to be the number one virtual drugstore, which I actually find rather convincing given the store’s lengthy service and a hefty number of reviews available on the web.

The shop placed its bestsellers such as Viagra, Cialis, Clomid, Amoxil, and more on its front page and also positioned special offers on the main page as well. The products sold on Pharmacy Mall are composed of generic and brand-name medications and are all approved by the FDA and the shop states that its products are safe to consume. There appears to be a number of medications available on and they are classified into various clinical categories. Some of the medicine categories present on the store include blood pressure, depression, cholesterol lowering, gastrointestinal, “men’s health”, skin care, and others. Although had both generic and brand name medications, most of the items found on belong to the generic category. Pharmacy Mall encourages its clients to patronize generics due to their similarity in content and function with the brand-name medication and their huge difference in terms of price. dedicated explanations for the benefits of the generic medications and their efficacy in the FAQ section.

All of the meds on the shop are dispensed by even without asking the buyers to send their prescriptions. The store offers even the Rx meds without prescriptions, so clients can have medications such as Viagra for impotence without being required to submit written scripts for their orders. However, Pharmacy Mall suggests that the buyers consult their health care providers first before ordering anything from the store, especially Rx medications that buyers will be trying for the first time.

Concerning the prices, sells the famous Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) product for $36.10 for the 10-pill pack (100 mg), while it also sells the equally famous Tadalafil (Cialis) drug for impotence for $35.38 for the 10-pill pack (20 mg). These are average prices for the clients and I like that Pharmacy Mall allows the purchase of these meds in 10s and not in 30s or more. charges a shipping fee of roughly $10 for its regular shipping method and a fee of roughly $20 for its EMS or express courier option. As for the payments, PharmacyMall only accepts credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).

Through the years, Pharmacy Mall proved true to its promise of a hassle-free and timely arrival of its products. So far, the store had no complaints about its shipping—the store guarantees 100% order receipts but in case of parcel losses, you can count on Pharmacy Mall to replace your orders. For replacements, refunds, and other concerns, you may reach the store using its message function and its available phone numbers. Reviews

I like that the store Pharmacy Mall had its share of reviews from people all over the world. One of the earliest comments for the store included the one from Charles, a consumer from Germany: Customer Report Customer Report

According to him, he saved much from using the store instead of going to the nearby local pharmacy. Charles did not say how much money he saved just because he used this store—but it may be a lot considering most neighborhood pharmacy prices, especially for brand names, are steep by default. This user also made mention of getting freebies from this website—impressive! Customer Experience Customer Experience

Apart from Charles, Michael, also from Germany, wrote his comment for Pharmacy Mall to thank the shop for its excellent service. Similar to Charles’ comment, though, Michael was also grateful for Pharmacy Mall’s low prices—he even related how Pharmacy Mall’s prices were the best as he also tried other web pharmacies to see if Pharmacy Mall was indeed the most affordable online source for medicines. It’s also amusing and great to read how Michael also attested to having received his four orders from Pharmacy Mall without delay. Reviews 2017

Unlike other web pharmacies with merely “old” reviews, the shop Pharmacy Mall was able to maintain a stream of positive comments for its service until the present year. Examples of the user testimonials aired for this store include the ones below: Customer Experience 2017 Customer Experience 2017

Alex (one buyer from France), mentioned that the store kept him abreast regarding his order’s progress. He also appreciated how the store shipped his orders swiftly, hence Alex receiving his order swifter than anticipated.

Mark, another buyer, was from Germany although he stated that when he was still in France, he was able to successfully order from Pharmacy Mall twice. According to him, his order was completed in 10 days. Product quality was good, he also stated.

Andy from Ireland also appreciated how his order was delivered quickly by the store. His comment was rather brief, though, but substantial enough. Coupon Codes

I checked for available coupons and other promotional vouchers on the store, but I did not find them in the shop. However, I did locate some buyer offers intended for the clients. Discount Offers Discount Offers offered freebie tablets for every order available on the store and the store also offered free shipping for clients with orders of more than $200. Besides these, though, there were no other offers on the shop.

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