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Unlike number of pharmacies that I reviewed, is one of a well- organized vendor. It is South African online pharmacy that was established with the main purpose in mind to serve its customers with the high quality meds at their door steps. The websites seemed to be controlled by the vendors, but not all the information that I need for my review is mentioned there.

There are no medication categories mentioned on the website and no information about their operating since is also provided. However, it is claimed on the website of the that they offer 20,000 pharmaceutical lines for the customers to get their health at affordable rates. The is working with the collaboration of number of leading pharmacies of South Africa, including Bloemfontein Pharmacy, Vrystaat Pharmacy, Central Park Pharmacy, Medirex Pharmacy, Pharmacynet Church St Pharmacy and many others.

As there were not that sorted categories provided on the website, I searched for Viagra in the search bar of the website. The pop up menu showed different strengths of Viagra along with its prices. I went for the 100 mg tabs of a pack of 4 Viagra that was priced as 115.74R which is approx. equal to 8.02USD. The price seemed to be affordable, but it is not mentioned anywhere on the site about the products FDA approved or not.

The company offers wide options of payment methods to customers including VISA, Master Cards, mygate, American Express etc. however, no information regarding the shipping methods, its delivery period and cost along with the refund policy are provided through which I can say about the services of the company. I am afraid they are delivering meds only across South Africa.

However, you can contact them at 086 727 2215 or e-mail them at [email protected], to know further about their charges and services.

In order to find the shipping methods and cost, I e-mailed them using the address provided on their website, but it seemed that the company is not interested in replying their customers, as I didn’t get my reply yet.

Pharmacynet Reviews:

Every drug store that is dealing with the medications and the health of its customers needs to be checked and reviewed regularly in order to get an idea about their working and consistency. So, that is the reason I am reviewing this website.

So, before making any decision, I want to check the reputation of the company among its customers, but this seems to be impossible because of the fact that there are no customer reviews found on internet about Although after my in- depth research to find some experience of customers with this pharmacy, I was unable to get details.

Either the lack of reviews means that customers have not tried this company yet, or it could be that the customers are reluctant to produce any feedback about the company. However, this lack of review about the company is a major setback to the vendor’s reliability confirmation, as most of the customers look into reviews before they make their final call. Reviews 2016:

Although I was unable to find the customer reviews about the, I can still check for the reputation and trust score of the company, using some scam detecting and pharmacy reviewing websites.

According to the recent report from Scamadvisor, that I got about, was that, this site is high trust rating and is completely safe to use. This means, the customers are safe using this website and can safely share their financial and transaction details with this website, as the site is not threat listed and no malware has been detected. Moreover, according to Scamadvisor, this website has earned the trust score of 87 percent, meaning that you can trust the website, without any doubt.

However, this report cannot replace the details that customer reviews can provide, however, we can still assume the reputation of the pharmacy using such website.

Trust Rating for Pharmacynet
Trust Rating for Pharmacynet Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

Contrary to the report of Scamadvisor, declares to be a “rogue” pharmacy that has failed to comply with the norms of online pharmacies.

Pharmacy Net Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes and discount offers serves as the light of hope for the customers who cannot afford expensive medications or do not have their health insured. So, that is the reason most of the customers look for the coupons or discount offers by the different pharmacies.

But unfortunately, there is no discount offer being offered by So, the customers who are looking to consider this pharmacy have to buy medications at their genuine rates that could break the leg of customers.

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