Review – Your Favorite Store Now Has a New Domain Main Page Main Page is also called “Pharmacy Express”. Using the domain, the store is now inaccessible, however, the domain redirects to a similar online pharmacy, one with the same “Pharmacy Express” store name but with a different domain. Instead of showing PharmacySeller365, the domain reads, which means that the store possibly moved to this new domain. Pharmacy Express was popular with its former consumers due to its low-cost prices and genuine product offers.

This now-closed shop, Pharmacy Seller 365 was around for years (it was created in 2001) and operated from Canada. Pharmacy Seller has its Canadian Pharmaceutical Association badge, which means that this store is a legitimately operating shop in Canada. Despite its Canadian origin, though, this store catered to consumers all over the world.

Apart from its CPA accreditation, this store also had approvals from by the FDA, Pharmacy Checker, and American Quality and to prove them, this store offered links to these organizations’ websites for the buyers’ reference.

Concerning the products available on, the buyers were able to buy products for skin care, testing kits for diseases, herbal products (Himalaya), weight loss products, hair loss products, and various general health concern products, plus meds for sexual health, which were the shop’s best-selling products. PharmacySeller365 offered these products without requiring the clients to send their prescriptions to the store. However, the buyers were advised to consult their doctors first before making any medication orders for Rx meds on the store.

I checked on Pharmacy Seller 365 if its prices for the impotence meds were reasonable. I found that sold generic Viagra for a minimum of 30 pills and the store charges $62.37 for the 30 pill pack of 100 mg and also sold generic Cialis for a minimum of $68.98 for 30 pills of 20 mg.

According to the info for, the store ships to almost all the countries of the world and charges $20 for the international registered mail and $30 for express mail service. PharmacySeller365 was able to do refunds and reshipments in case the buyers fail to receive their orders or if they received damaged products instead of good stocks. Some web pharmacies do not have buyer guarantees for the lost parcels, but this store,, was able to grant its consumers refunds and reshipments in the case of lost or damaged orders.

If the buyers needed to contact, the store offered its phone numbers and its messaging function on the store. The domain is inaccessible now, but the shop merely moved to another domain, Reviews

The new Pharmacy Seller 365 website, is the one with reviews. This shop has external votes for its service, like its rating from one platform named Netho. Customers Rating Customers Rating

The shop was granted a 5/5 score for is service, indicating excellent service for this shop. More details for this store exist on the main review page and according to the analysis, Myhealthexpres’ stats were pretty impressive. Reviews 2017

Since the store merged or moved to another website during the past years, this store had no reviews available on the web. However, its new domain,, was the one with the numerous reviews and accolades from its consumers for the present year, denoting buyer satisfaction for the pharmacy despite its new web address.

Consumers continue to make their purchases on like they did on and continue to trust the shop for their generic drug purchases. Coupon Codes

The former did not have coupon codes but offered seasonal offers such as a “weekend season sales” which granted the buyers 5% off their purchases. 5% Discount 5% Discount

Apart from this weekend sale, the store also gave free pills for the buyers (even those with entry-level, minimal purchases) and offered free shipping for the buyers with at least $300 worth of products. Clients of Pharmacy Seller 365 were entitled a savings of $20-$30 from the waived shipping fees if they order $300 to $400 or more. Coupon Code Coupon Code

The new website,, though, offers a limited-time offer coupon code for its buyers. If you come across the shop, you can use its 5OFFATC code to avail an extra 5% off your purchase, besides the free pills, free shipping, and its current 20% off for several of its products.

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