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Here, I am going to add another review to the list of my pharmacies that I have selected. I am talking about the, which is the UK based online pharmacy and is owned and operated by FMC Marketing Limited.

This pharmacy has been in the operation over the past 7 years and is facilitating its customers with high-quality meds at the best rates. The company offers the medications from over 600k reputed medical stores from the United Kingdom in order to meet the standards of quality for the customers. Moreover, it is claimed on the website of the company that it is registered in compliance with the data protection Act, UK. The company provides its customers with the medications for the wide range of conditions including the sexual health for men and women, weight loss, influenza, skin care, respirator and many others. The main concern of mine that I am reviewing this pharmacy is that I am looking for the ED pills, so I navigated to the men’s health section. The men’s health section of this pharmacy contains the wide range of medications for ED including Viagra, Cialis and Levitra from different pharmacies of UK. The prices of the drugs that this pharmacy offers depends on the pharmacy that you choose, so it is difficult to say either the company is economic or not.

Further, the company offers the payment methods including VISA, Master cards, Maestro and American Express. Or also, this pharmacy offers the postal check payment methods for the customers those are located within UK. The delivery of the medications is offered by using the methods including Recorded Royal Mail UK within 15 days and Royal Mail Special Delivery within 5 working days. The international royal mail delivery would take almost 21 working days to deliver the internationally. Although the prices of shipping is not mentioned for any type of delivery but the cost of the medications that this pharmacy offers do include the cost of the medication and prescription fee as well.

The company does offer the option of the Live Support on its homepage, but it is not the live chat in actual, but the e-mailing system where you have to leave your message and wait for them to respond. I mailed them to know the average price of Viagra from their pharmacies, but still they haven’t answered me yet. But in case of emergency, you can always contact the company at +44 (0)203 176 0022. Moreover, it is also mentioned on the website that does not offer any kind of refund on their products once shipped.

Pharma Doctor Reviews:

Although there is enough information provided by the but we are still not aware of the actual reputation and the services of this pharmacy. So, it is not wiser to place your order before knowing the reputation of the company.

For this, I googled online to get some reviews from the customers, in order to get to know about the services, cost and quality of this pharmacy. But unfortunately, there are no present reviews that I can share with you at this time.

But when I was searching for the customer reviews of the company, I found other reviewing sites that report that is not having a good reputation among the people. According to, 80 percent of the customers declined to buy the products from this website after they had read negative reviews of it. But as I have no physical evidence for this, it is better to avoid such pharmacy that has no online repute. Reviews 2016:

As there are no reviews available for the on internet, so I continued my search to research for some recent reviews from the customers, say in 2016. But like the past reviews, there are no recent reviews available for this company. Well, although the customer reviews are the best source to get to know about the reputation of the specific product or vendor, but in case they are not available, you can also take help from the scam detecting websites.

So, I used Scamadvisor to get to know where this pharmacy stands. According to Scamadvisor, the has the got the trust scores of 63 percent, that is safe, but not enough to make financial transactions. Moreover, it is stated that this site has been threat listed and it might be involved in online scams and ripping off.

Safety Analysis of Pharmadoctor
Safety Analysis of Pharmadoctor

Regarding this, it is always better to search for the safer site that has the good reputation among the scam detecting sites, to save your hard earned money and health as well. So, I am not going to recommend to my readers.

Pharmadoctor Coupon Codes:

The one for sure working tactic of the online stores and pharmacies is to offer the coupon codes and discount offers. This is because of the fact that people want to save their hard earned money on the meds that they have to use for their lifetime. That is the reason such pharmacies offer different discounts from time to time over their products to attract more customers. Promo Code Promo Code is also offering such discounts for their customers. According to the offer that is being offered on this pharmacy for the customers now-a-days is the discount of 7.50 pounds for the customers who made their repeated orders. It is also claimed on the website that their prices are much lower for their products at different pharmacies.

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