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Front Page of is yet another site which declares itself the “best online pharmacy” to buy the Rx and non-Rx medications on the web. It is notable that is one of the sites offering a “Low Price Challenge”, which matches any other site’s pricing which is lower than the prices that the site itself advertised. According to the site info, is an online pharmacy referral service based in Switzerland. Since it’s not a real pharmacy, it functions as a connector between clients and actual pharmacies affiliated to it.

Most of the products found on the site are generic medications, although there is also a number of them from brand-name manufacturers. As mentioned on its FAQ, the products available on the site are regulated by the FDA and the WHO and were from GMP-compliant manufacturers like Novartis, Cipla Abbot, Aventis, Bayer, Cipla, Dr. Reddy’s, Merck, Eli Lily, GlaxoSmithKline, and Ranbaxy.

Unlike other online stores, did not have a lot of product categories; it only sells men’s health meds, women’s health meds, weight loss, pain relief, hair loss, smoking cessation, antibiotics, allergy meds, muscle relaxants, and a few OTC meds. These products are usually dispensed without any prescription, but requires some meds to have special prescriptions first before being dispensed. Since does not offer any medical advice, clients are recommended to consult their GP first for dosage and proper drug use/administration.

Men’s health, particularly the ED meds are the ones greatly marketed by I have noticed that most (if not all) of the products on are generic and are affordable. For instance, clients may purchase 20 pills of Sildenafil (100 mg) for $47 and 20 pieces of Vardenafil (generic Levitra) for $79. There are a lot more of ED meds to choose from aside from them, and the others are generally from Indian ED makers.

I thought that shipping was free, but apparently, that was just a marketing ploy, as free shipping is only available for orders above $250. charges $18 for the registered post (up to 21 days), while it charges $25 for the EMS express shipment (up to 15 days). The only payment methods accepts are Visa and E-checks, but it offers an additional 10% discount for clients who will use the E-check method.

Refunds are given to clients who are unable to receive their orders, or those who were able to receive them but got damaged or wrong items instead. For other concerns, clients may reach out to support by using these contact details:

Customer Support: [email protected]


1 800 681 3551

0 808 189 3332

1 800 836 094


Logicon Ltd,

PO Box 4513

Le Chantier Building,

Francis Rachel Street,

Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Pharma Express Rx Reviews:

There were varied client reviews for’s service, but most of the reviews from were from clients who were not satisfied with the’s service.

Justin, who posted August 2015 said that the site was reliable and trusted. He particularly appreciated the site’s customer attendants who were helpful his inquiries. He gave the site 5/5.

Pharma Express Rx Reviews
Pharma Express Rx Reviews

However, Donnie (February 2015) told in his review that he thinks something else is going on with, as the site tried “Phishing” for his bank account after apparently declining two of his 100% functional Visa cards.

Miles (posted September 2015) also gave a low score (2/5) for getting the wrong items shipped to him. What he didn’t like the most was the fact that did not offer any help or resolution to the mistake. Reviews 2016:

Although the reviews from the previous years didn’t actually look great, the more recent reviews for Pharmaexpressrx actually did. Bill (posted March 2016) said that he had been ordering from for years and he was a satisfied customer every single time (since 2009). He rated the site 4/5. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

But the result from Scam Adviser seemed to disagree with the good client reports as was rated 0% safe. The report from Scam Adviser indicated a low trust rating for the site. Aside from the low rating, bad reports, malware reports, and a Rogue listing were the ones detected for Pharmaexpressrx, which is indicative of bad service. The length of service of the site was impressive, though, as it had been running for over 13 years. Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Pharmaexpressrx Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $385 on Pharmaexpressrx
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on Pharmaexpressrx

There were actually no coupon codes available for clients of Pharmaexpressrx, but it offers free shipping for orders which are able to exceed $200. But that’s it, no freebies, no return discounts or whatever. I could have done with more discounts from the site.

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