Review – Steroid Site with a Rogue Rating Front Front deals mainly in steroids but offers a variety of other drugs as well. But what I have noticed is that it has commonly banned substances (aside from steroids which are illegal to be sold online) like Narcotics (Benzodiazepines) such as Valium and its derivatives. According to its brief info, has been running for more than a decade, supplying specialized medications online.

Like any textbook steroid site, did not have sufficient information regarding its products’ manufacturers, sources, and their drug regulating agency approvals. claims, however, that it is a legitimate site operating for more than a decade, but did not dwell on the details. The legality of the products sold, according to the site, depends on the laws of a client’s country, so clients are advised to check in with their country’s importation laws before ordering from the site. does not offer medical advice nor write prescriptions for their clients. The store only dispenses the meds upon a client’s order. This means that does not require its clients to provide any prescription for its medicines and the clients may freely order as they please. A word of advice, though: clients should always check in with their GP for all medical products they are planning to take, especially steroids, as steroids are able to alter the body’s chemical composition and may bring permanent anatomical/physiological damage for clients who are not careful in taking them.

Aside from all types of anabolic steroids, hormones, and cycle/post cycle therapies, also offers a number of other meds for weight loss, asthma, depression, chronic disease maintenance, pain relief, men’s health, and a lot more. It’s like a one-stop-shop for meds but with illegal/controlled substances on the side.

Since there were men’s health meds available, I was able to find a number of ED drugs for sale on They involved both generic and brand-name pharmaceutical products, and most products were from Indian generic manufacturers like Cipla and Ajanta Pharma. Viagra (Pfizer) in 100 mg is sold at $88.30 for 4 tabs, while its generic analogs Kamagra and Silagra cost $27.60 for 4 pieces. Tadalafil products are available on the site too; Cialis (Lilly) is sold at $94 for 4 tabs (20 mg), while its generic counterpart, Calida (Asia Pharma) costs only $65 for 20 tabs of the same strength. Actually, the prices for ED medications are higher than the pricing I saw on other sites.

For the payments, allows several methods for the clients: Visa, MoneyGram, and Bank Transfers. Clients are encouraged to pay using transfers and MG as offers 5% discount for anyone paying thru them, plus the site gives an additional 5% off when the orders exceed $717.50. The shipping rate is undisclosed; I tried to create an account on the site to be eligible to check out items, but there seems to be a problem because I was asked to key-in an invisible captcha. I was unable to register because I was asked over and over to enter the non-existent code.

No discussions were made regarding’s refund policy. The clients are just asked to inform the site regarding cases of non-delivered orders using its ticketing system. There was no contact information available on the site, so the ticketing system is the only way to reach

Pharmanabolics Reviews:

Pharmanabolics Reviews
Pharmanabolics Reviews

There were a lot of client testimonials posted on the site, but they were hard to read as they were done in a listed form. There was a number of them from 2015 and all from clients who confirmed their receipt of their ordered products.

Clients SZ, GM, and DB were grateful that the site was able to ship their orders.

SB, who posted September 2015, commended the site for its good service aside from confirming his receipt of his items.

DDE also thanked the site for the items he received. He also commended the site for being able to deliver the products in record time.

The numerous reviews are notable, but they were were found on similar sites which indicate that these reviews are not native or organic; these reviews are only copies of the ones found on other online sites. I do not appreciate that did not have reviews of its own and just got its reviews from other sites. Not good, Reviews 2016: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

The latest of those reviews found on the site were from 2015 and there were also no other reviews found the site from the current year. As for the rating from, was given only a 29% safety rating because it had malware concerns and a “rogue” rating. The result was not at all good, as it doesn’t give much confidence to clients (like me) in ordering from the store.

Pharm Anabolics Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Pharm Anabolics
Coupon Codes for Using on Pharm Anabolics had a number of promos available for its clients. I mentioned earlier that offers 5% discount for clients paying through bank transfers, Western Union and MoneyGram, plus an additional 5% if their orders exceed $717.50. Orders are also shipped free for first-time clients using the code “SHIPFREE”. There is also a 10% off coupon available (10-OFF) and may be used for all orders exceeding $374.50.

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