Confiscated: Where Customers Can Buy Meds Safely was operational like many other online stores but then it suddenly received a seizure notice one day out of the blue. You can see this notice posted on its website now. This move has been taken by ICE which stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Homeland Security Investigations was investigating and building a case against all websites that have been involved in the illegal movement of branded and unbranded drugs across the border. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

This crime is serious in nature and it means imprisonment and getting heavily fined. Though this move has been made to protect customers from supposedly dangerous medicines from dubious sources, it is not without implications for users. All unbranded medicines are not counterfeits; many of them are generic equals of brands. They are safe, affordable and very effective, that’s why favored by the public which finds the high prices of brand medicines too much to afford on their paltry incomes. Since brand medicines manufacturers face an unsavory competition in form of generic medicine sellers, they are always asking the government to ban the sale of generic medicines from overseas. So the customers are unable to find any relief. Reviews

Since one cannot cannot be accessed anymore, it’s hard to determine what the online store looked like in terms of appearance, which products in the generic category were available there, and how were they laid out, or what kind of service and savings it was giving to its customers. Speaking of customers, another important factor that is missing are the shopping experiences of customers at Pharma Online. It cannot be ascertained whether customers were happy with the generic medicines sold by PharmaOnline or not. One possibility is that there were very few customers who bought from Pharma Online and didn’t bother to record their impressions, and the other possibility is that their impressions have gotten deleted from forums reviewing pharmacy services. But if one checks the repute of on different verification sites, one can learn a few things: WOT scores and user reviews related to Pharma Online aren’t encouraging. A regular crowdsource reviewer Tom Gagaga determined PharmaOnline on 28 December 2012 to be one of the many “fake” online pharmacies. COG, another reviewer’s findings reported on 24 December 2012 were more serious. He found out that PharmaOnline was involved in offenses like “Identity theft”, “credit card abuse”, and was a “health hazard” selling “herbal remedies”. Another regular reviewer, Marco2981, added this online pharmacy on 27 December 2012 to its list of “rogue” pharmacies. Reviews Reviews

Scam Advisor’s assessment of PharmaOnline wasn’t any different. Although it found this online store to be working from the USA or UK, it had enough evidence to recognize the store as a threat-listed one. Thus, customers were advised to deal with the store with care. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives is shut down now. Since the available info about it are not very encouraging, customers need to exercise more care in buying generic medicines online. It’s very important to find a trustworthy source for your generic medicines. Considering the needs of the customers for information about reputable online drug vendors, we have collected various online drug vendors’ names and have compiled them in the shape of a resource. This resource doesn’t comprise names only but has got service reviews from real customers of these stores, authentication scores, and much much more. This way you can find an online medicine vendor who can provide you quality generic medicines in a cost-effective manner.

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