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Next up for a review is which is being operated from Canada and is found to be in compliance with strict FDA rules. is basically a pharmacy intermediary, as my prescription will be filled at one of the CIPA-certified pharmacies.

All of the drugs are FDA approved, and all the prescription-drugs need a prescription to be dispensed. is an expert in the prescription drugs like those relating to the Diabetes, Lowering cholesterol, anti-histamine and much more. But its main focus is ED category only. The generic Viagra seems to be a bit more expensive than many competitors online. A generic version of 25mg Viagra costs about $1.7, and the branded version costs about $10.75.

Drugs can be ordered by various ways, which can be either by a call, a mail order or online through the website. The customers who are interested in buying can pay the company for their order via personal cheques, E-checks, international money orders, and bank certified cheques. For a more enhanced security, they will collect your credit card information via call, indicating the acceptance of all kinds of credit cards. Those who have any complaint about their deals or have any queries can contact them via the toll-free number, 1-866-293-3904. I called them, and they responded right away. There is no option for the live chat, a thing pretty disturbing. The users can also forward their complaints via the email.

The name of the shipping courier is unknown, but they charge a shipping fee of $9.95 on every order. The delivery time is 2-4 weeks after the medications have been dispensed from the pharmacy. If you require any special shipping requirements you must be willing to pay some extra dollars. The worst thing about the delivery system is that they do not allow deliveries outside the USA. They also dispense their medications from different international fulfillment centers, approved by respective regulatory bodies, located in countries like Mauritius, New zealand, Singapore, Turkey, UK, India and even US. If you have any problems with the medications you can just complaint them via their toll-free number as there is no information about the refund policy. However, if you intend to cancel your order, you must be ready to pay $20 as a cancellation charge. Reviews:

Independent and authentic reviews is an essential part of analyzing any online vendor’s performance. It is getting very popular for online vendors to post reviews on their own selling sites as a part of their marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look how well has the company been able to satisfy its customers.

Pharmapassport Reviews
Pharmapassport Reviews

As I expected, only reviews on the official site of exist, which makes their authenticity very questionable as the seller can manipulate the content to stimulate the sales.

Janet, a very happy and satisfied consumer, said, “This is my first purchase from I was surprised to receive an E-mail from informing me that you have provided a guarantee for my purchase at no cost. I’d like to thank you very much! This makes me for a great ordering experience with you”

PharmaPassport Reviews 2016: Trust Rating by Scamadvisor Trust Rating by Scamadvisor

As I mentioned before, there was no strong evidence to confirm the reputation of pharmapassport. The has listed the pharmacy as a rogue one with a very low rating of trust. I was unable to find any comments worth mentioning on any third party review sites. The real location of the server of the website is unknown which puts the buyers in more danger.

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I would personally suggest that this website needs a sheer improvement in its marketing. No coupons, sales or discounts are offered at the moment. I can suggest calling them to find out about any deals.

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