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I am reviewing online pharmacies in order to make the buyers aware of what is right. So, today, is on my list to review. The trend in the online pharmacies has increased to exponential rate within a past few years and today, more and more people are getting their healthcare meds using the online pharmacies that are facilitating people with the meds at their doorsteps. This increase in the industry of the online pharmacies has opened a gateway for swindles and cons that rip off the customers only.

As the name implies is a pharmacy facilitating its customers with the medications including anabolic steroids, anti- diabetics, antibiotics, anti-estrogens, men’s health, women’s health are few to count. It is not exactly known about the location of the company; however it is believed that it is being operated from somewhere in Asia. Operating since 2012 and over 4 years, the company claims to be a leading anabolic steroids source in Asia.

With the extensive payment methods via credit cards (VISA, Master Cards, Money Gram, Western Union), the company provides the amazing range of meds in its different categories. As for my concern, I checked the prices in the men’s health section and found that Cialis was found to be priced at $2, while Kamagra was priced at $3. These prices are not that competitive as compared to the other pharmacies, as they are expensive than most of the online pharmacies, I have reviewed. Moreover, I could not find Viagra, the most trusted erection pills on that is the major setback for the company.

The shipping methods are not mentioned anywhere on the website, usually the cost is $90 per kg of package. That is what I got for the US.

Shipping info on Pharmaplusplus
Shipping info on Pharmaplusplus

Moreover, it is provided on the website, that they offer payment refund in the case of unopened items within 30 days of delivery.

The company offers its Live Chat option and also its contacting form that allow the customers to reach the company whenever they need. I decided to try the Live Chat option of the pharmacy, but it is not even active. You can also try to contact the company at [email protected] Reviews:

For the, unfortunately, I could not find any evidence of its reliability in the form of customer reviews. In order to know about the credibility and reputation of the company, the presence of the customer reviews is dead necessary. In most of the cases, buyers consider the customer reviews to determine whether to buy their product or meds from a specific company or not, so that is the reason, customer reviews play a very important role in indicating the reputation of the company. Reviews Reviews

But fortunately, there are many pharmacy reviewing sites that make their reviews using different factors. A report was found on the review 1000 drug stores. The company decides the reliability of the by considering its product quality, pricing, usability, delivery and customer service. Based on all these factors, review 1000 drug stores found this pharmacy to be unapproved and swindling.

Pharmaplusplus Reviews 2016:

Moreover, the scam detecting websites did not show a different image of It is mentioned on the that this company is blacklisted and it involves the high-risk country somewhere in Asia. Moreover, it is also mentioned on the website that this company is a scam one that fails to ship medications to its destination after receiving money from its customers.

Scamadviser Report on Pharmaplusplus
Scamadviser Report on Pharmaplusplus

Not only this, but Scamadvisor also showed that is being operated from China, but the company claims that it is the United States based company. Moreover, the trust score of the company is also not that satisfactory; that is just “56” percent and is not enough to trust any company to share your personal and financial details.

Pharma Plus Plus Coupon Codes:

Besides having low credibility for the company, the company is not at all offering any discount or coupon codes that are known to as the smart tactic to attract its customers. Moreover, the company is offering meds at expensive rates, means that the customers have to buy meds using this pharmacy at higher rates.

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