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There is an increasing demand in ED medication nowadays and that has resulted in the mushrooming of companies presenting a variety of products just to curb the demand. I intend to review to see if it sells efficient and affordable ED medication.

I have noticed that this online store is simple and to the point. It has no fancy graphics on their website, just products. I do not need any prescription to access their wide range of certified medications. Apart from providing men health products, people who suffer from Poisoning, Venereal Diseases, Pain, Skin Diseases, Hemorrhoids, Metabolic Disorders and Eye Diseases among others have an access to certified medication.

Among the popular ED medication, they only have Viagra and it goes for $16.50 per 50mg tablet. There is no indication that verifies that this product is FDA approved. I noticed that they accept payments via money transfer (Western union, Ria, Unistream, Bitcoin etc.) and credit card systems.

I will have to pay only $10 for Shipping and handling per order. I am impressed that the orders will take 1 to 2 business days to be send out. They deliver in most of the countries in the world including UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

The best way to contact them is through Skype: They can also be contacted through Email ([email protected]) or call (380- 63-43-45- 905). But I have tried their email form which takes at most 24 hours or 12 hours to reply. They told me to open an account with them and in case if I am not satisfied with the order upon delivery, I have 14 days to return it under their instructions. Reviews:

It would have been better to confirm the credibility of Pharma Shipping based on their customer reviews, but there are none posted on the internet. I may assume that it is a new company or the online site is not that popular. It might also be a scam, since they have no external reviews. I tend to believe that I am dealing with an unreliable vendor. I do not recommend companies with unconfirmed reputation. Let me consult a scam adviser before I make further conclusions.

PharmaShipping Reviews 2016:

I managed to find two different scam analyzing sites. The first one suggests that the site is free to browse and use. It is always safe to do online shopping in sites that have information securely encrypted, use HTTP Secure. Information in this site can be intercepted by hackers.

The second scam analyzing site helps a lot in determining whether the site of fake or legit. From this second scan, the site appears to have a high trust rating, but it is based in a high risk country, Israel, however there are other countries involved like United Kingdom, United States and Netherlands. The fact that the site uses free email address for its technical and administrative purpose make it suspicious.

I do not want to be caught in any online fraud, so I have to take care when purchasing any product from this website. The fact that free email has been used in setting up the email suggests that one may be at risk in case any information is intercepted.

Safety Report of
Safety Report of

Pharma Shipping Coupon Codes:

There are special offers in about 15 products in their collection, but that does not involve any ED medication. I have found no information of discounts and coupon codes that I can use to save money. I expect that they would have some promotions like other online pharmacies to attract more customers. It seems that I have to rely on other stores.

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