Review – Lousy Appearance and Content Home Home is included in the ones I would not like to visit, as it is as unfriendly as it is unappealing. The site looked like an oversized message box and had nothing more than some products with prices listed. No company/site info, no FAQ section, no effort to polish the site at all. I do not know what the owner of this site is going for, but it seems too obvious that the site is up to no good.

It is hard to say where came from, but as I have tried to feign buying, at some point in the site, there was information saying that it is based in Turkey. As for the year of operation, the copyright indicated 2016; but at the bottom, it says that the site had accepted 1365214 requests since 2003. It was confusing. Well, everything in this site is confusing, anyways.

There are no product categories available for, as the available meds are already put up for sale. According to the site, its sought-after products are Roaccutane, Avodart, Propecia, Tamiflu, and Viagra. I did not expect much from at all, so I was not surprised that their product listings contained nothing more than the product name and the price; no further product descriptions whatsoever. It’s like the site assumes that the clients already know what the meds are for.

Surprisingly, for Viagra, has put together a bit of information regarding the product. The site is selling the “real” Viagra by Pfizer, and not generic Sildenafil. The price is rather high; $59.80/4pcs of the 25mg, $84.90/4pcs of 50mg, and $116.80/4pcs of 100mg. Those are high prices even for the brand. The site also has Cialis for $86.90 for 4pcs of the 20mg variant. For a site with a quality like this one I was kind of expecting cheap drugs; but it’s surprising that the drugs here actually cost a lot.

According to the site, all the meds they are selling are approved by the FDA and are shipped according to FDA guidelines. This may be harsh, but I find it hard to believe that claim unless there is proof that indeed the products are FDA-approved and safe to use.

I found out that the site accepts the Western Union, credit cards, and debit card payments, only on the checkout page. There is no shipping fee charged upon checkout, until the part where the payment data is to be entered. I guess the postage fee is already hidden in the overpricing for the meds. The orders are dispatched around 1-2 days as the company waits for the payment clearance/confirmation.

There is no information regarding the expected transit times for orders in specific locations. The only thing that the site disclosed regarding the shipment process is that the site delivers the parcels via DHL. The info stated in the “shipping and returns” tab of the site is lousily put with an annoying number of typographical errors. The site should at least fix those errors. But at the rate that site is going, I don’t think that whoever maintains it would care to revamp or at least edit the info tabs.

Refunds policy is stated in broken English, and I find it hard to understand. But what I made out of the words was that the site accepts returns for expired or nearly expired meds. Clients are also the ones to shoulder the postage fee in case of returns. The payment will be refunded as the company receives the return.

Another disappointment for me is that there is no way to contact other than through the email support. There is no hotline, no live chat support, and even no address posted on the site. Screams “scam” to me. Reviews:

The absence of reviews for the site is consistent with my hunch that this is a con site. If it had been up since 2003 as it claims, then there should be a substantial amount of reviews to evaluate the site by. It is impossible that there are no reviews given for the site in the span of 13 years. This is only an indication that this site could not be trusted at all.

PharmaShopOnline Reviews 2016: Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

There are no reviews existing for this current year, either. So as I always do, I checked the site with Scam Adviser to see if my impressions were right. It turns out that I am indeed right; the analysis gave the site a 42% rating. According to Scam Adviser, the site’s domain is the US, but it is most likely from Russia. That added more confusion, though, as from what I initially found out, the site is from Turkey.

Pharma Shop Online Coupon Codes:

For a site with an extremely poor upkeep, I think it is not surprising that they do not offer anything. No coupons, discount, or any promo. The no-charge shipping is not counted, though, as it is not stated in black and white on the site.

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